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Classic Movie Treasures is a site devoted to what we think are the best classic movies. When we started thinking about this intro we were going to say that ALL classic movies are treasures, then we watched some real stinkers. Of course our opinion is just that, an opinion.

We have evolved into not only sharing our love of classic movies with you, but also now provide links to services which stream specific classic movies and being your #1 source for classic movie information.


Each month we post the TCM schedule and pick the films that we think are “must-see”. Just click/tap on TCM to see this month’s schedule. It is usually available no later than the Friday before the 1st of the month. If you are on our texting list, we will send you a text when it is available. (see below)

At least twice a week we add new biographies of your favorite Hollywood stars. These are usually associated with their birthdays. You can see the 200+ bios we have added so far here.

On the first Fridays of the month we publish a recipe that is a quick and easy snack, adult beverage or meal because we love to cook and who doesn’t eat when they watch movies. After a while, popcorn can get a little boring.

On the Last Monday of the Month we spotlight the TCM Star of the Month for the next month and give you our must-see picks.

Coming in 2019

Every Sunday will be Silent Sunday – we will explore the wonderful and often overlooked treasures in the silent movie era.

Thursdays – get classic movie recommendations for the weekend

The first Saturday of the month we will be showcasing classic cartoons because they were a huge part of our childhood and sadly, Saturday morning cartoons are almost non-existent nowadays. Kids have no idea what they are missing and we need to watch as adults.

The first of every month we will bring you the Classic Movie Treasure 1st Reads to highlight all the great classic movie related books in our bookstore. Yes, we stole the idea from Amazon.


Expanding Our Site

 We are working on several BIG projects behind the scenes and once those are completed we will increase the number of new articles we publish each week.

One of the projects we are installing is a movie review systems which lets YOU share your opinion on movies. We are doing this in chronological order and have completed the 1910s, 1920s , and 1930s  movies in our database along with the new movies we add each month. So if your favorite movie doesn’t have the form for you to submit a review it will soon.


We have over 1,100 movies in our database and we add movies each month.  You can browse the movie databaseby actor“, “by genre” or “by decade”.  We  provide the links for each movie to the streaming services Amazon Instant Video, FandangoNow, iTunes if available. Most of the movies are available through at least two of these providers. If available, we will also have a link to the movie for you to purchase on DVD or Blu-ray through the TCM shop. You can also browse movies  by streaming service

If you rent or purchase a movie through these links we will earn a very small commission (at no cost to you) from Amazon, FandangoNow, iTunes. or TCMShop. Earnings are used to support this site.

If you aren’t familiar with a particular movie, you can watch, in most cases, the original theatrical trailer to see what the movie is about. A few will contain a banner ad by the trailer provider that you can click the “X” to make it go away.


We also have an actor/actress biography database. In addition to reading a short biography of the star, you can review their filmography, and Academy Awards information. New biographies are added on a star’s birthday.  If your favorite actor, or actress isn’t in the database, it soon will be.

Our Bookstore

If you are interested in learning more about your favorite classic Hollywood stars, the history of studios, great reference material, and more you need to check out our bookstore.

If the book you are interested in is available for Kindle, whether you want to purchase as a download or if you want the actual book, you can get a look inside the book before you buy it. You can also read the book reviews that are posted in Amazon, without leaving our site. Just scroll toward the bottom of the book’s page.

Once you decide to buy a book, you can choose from Amazon, Apple iBooks, or Barnes and Noble (if available). Some books are also available as audio books through iTunes.


New To Enjoying Classic Movies?

If you are new to the joys of classic movies, the best place to start for movie recommendations is here.


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