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Just from the title, you may be asking yourself what the heck is Noirvember? It was started on November 1, 2010 by Marya Gates. It started as a way for her to catch up on the top Film Noir films, but has since grown into a month-long celebration of noir.

As she states on her Facebook page:

“It’s not a blogathon, just a celebration. Watch noir/talk about noir/write about noir/take noir-inspired photographs/read noir fiction, etc. Do whatever, as long as it’s inspired by noir (but try to watch a few films from the original noir era if you can!), then post about what you’re doing on any social media platform – just remember to use the hashtag #Noirvember! I’ll be retweeting the tag on Twitter (I’m @oldfilmsflicker) and I’ll be reblogging all posts on Tumblr into our official Tumblr:

We decided the Classic Movie Treasures community needed to get in on the fun so we created the #NoirvemberMovieChallenge.

If you participated in our Horror Challenge in October, there is one BIG change. For the #NoirvemberMovieChallenge we are only using Twitter for the challenge as it was the most popular platform for players.

This year we are focusing solely on American Film Noir release between 1940 and 1959. 

To participate in the #NoirvemberMovieChallenge

Please include

  • the day  – “Day 12” , the challenge “Favorite Poster Of A Film Noir” and an image, .gif, movie poster etc., it’s not required however it is more fun!
  • 2 hashtags, #NoirvemberMovieChallenge and #Noirvember


We look forward to seeing all your Noirvember Movie Challenge responses. We hope to see you from Day 1 however, if you missed the first week or so, don’t despair, just start on whichever day you want. You don’t have to “play catch-up”.

If you need some inspiration, check out the Film Noir section of our movie database.


Day 1  Favorite Noir Thug (Character)
Day 2 Favorite Noir Villain (Character)
Day 3 Favorite Tough Police Detective (Character)
Day 4 Favorite Cynical, Hard-Hearted, or Disillusioned Male (Character)
Day 5 Favorite Actor Who Played Philip Marlowe In A Film Noir
Day 6 Favorite Female Character In Noir Who Is Not A Femme Fatale
Day7 Favorite Femme Fatale (Character)
Day 8 Favorite Hitchcock Menaced Woman (Character)
Day 9 Favorite Noir Duo (Characters or Actors)
Day 10 Favorite Actor In Film Noir
Day 11 Favorite Actress In Film Noir
Day 12 Favorite Poster Of A Film Noir
Day 13 Favorite Film Noir Director
Day 14 Favorite Film Noir With A Major Femme Fatale Role
Day 15 Favorite Film Noir With No Major Femme Fatale Role
Day 16 Favorite Romantic Film Noir
Day 17 Favorite Documentary-Style Noir
Day 18 Favorite Prison Noir
Day 19 Favorite Menaced-Woman Noir
Day 20 Favorite Corruption And Crime Noir
Day 21 Favorite Cross-Over Noir
Day 22 Favorite Red Menace
Day 23 Favorite New York City Noir
Day 24 Favorite LA Noir
Day 25 Favorite Noir With Raymond Chandler’s ‘Philip Marlowe
Day 26 Favorite Noir With A Happy Ending For A Main Character
Day 27 Favorite Noir Parody (Can be outside the traditional noir dates of (1940 – 1959))
Day 28 Favorite Committing The Perfect Crime Noir
Day 29 Favorite Flashback or Amnesia Noir
Day 30 Favorite Noir Shot In Color