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Welcome to the October Horror Movie Challenge!


This is the first in a series of seasonal movie challenges you can participate in on the comment section of this article, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The choice is yours.

As you can see, some of the challenges are date specific and some are not. For the ones that are not date specific you can include more modern movies if you choose to.

It you participate on Twitter or Instagram please include #OctHorrorMovieChallenge on your post. If you don’t do the social media thing, you can comment on this article each day.

Please include the day  – “Day 12” , the challenge “Favorite Monster/Creature Movie” and an image, .gif, movie poster etc.

If you join the challenge on Facebook, please reply to the specific challenge posted on our page. The daily challenge will be posted at 4:00 am ET each day.

If you need some inspiration, check out the horror movies being shown on TCM in October here.

We look forward to seeing all your Horror Movie Challenge responses. If you missed the first week or so, don’t despair, just start on whichever day you want. You don’t have to “play catch-up”.

Day 1 Favorite Silent Horror Movie
Day 2Favorite Classic Horror Director – pre 1970
Day 3Favorite Modern Horror Director – 1970 to today
Day 4Favorite Mummy Movie
Day 5Favorite Frankenstein Movie
Day 6Favorite Vampire Movie
Day7Favorite Villainous Doctor/Mad Doctor/Scientist Movie
Day 8Favorite Devil/ Devil Worship Movie
Day 9Favorite Zombie Movie
Day 10Favorite Ghost Movie
Day 11Favorite Werewolf Movie
Day 12Favorite Monster/Creature Movie
Day 13Favorite Horror Movie That Never Shows Its Monster/ Or Only Toward The End
Day 14Favorite Haunted House Movie
Day 15Favorite Foreign Horror Film
Day 16Favorite Horror Movie That Centers Around A Child or Children
Day 17Favorite Lugosi Or Karloff Horror Movie – together or separate
Day 18Favorite Horror Actor Other Than Lugosi Or Karloff
Day 19Favorite Classic Horror Actress
Day 20Favorite Horror Movie Based On Book By Edgar Allan Poe
Day 21Favorite Horror Movie Based On Book Not By Edgar Allan Poe
Day 22Favorite Horror Parody/ Funny Horror Movie
Day 23Favorite Horror Movie From 1930s
Day 24Favorite Horror Movie From 1940s
Day 25Favorite Horror Movie From 1950s
Day 26Favorite Horror Movie From 1960s
Day 27Favorite Horror Movie From 1970s
Day 28Favorite Horror Movie From 1980s
Day 29Favorite Horror Movie That You Can Watch Over And Over
Day 30Horror Movie That Made/Makes You Sleep With A Light On After Watching It.
Day 31Under Appreciated Horror Movie