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Henry Wilcoxon 

Best known as a leading man in many of Cecil B. DeMille’s films, also serving as DeMille’s associate producer on his later films. Known to younger audiences as the Bishop in Caddyshack.

Henry Wilcoxon is best known as a leading man in many of Cecil B. DeMille's films, also serving as DeMille's associate producer on his later films.

1931The Perfect Lady 
1932Self Made Lady  
The Flying Squad 
1933Taxi to Paradise  
Lord of the Manor  
1934Princess Charming 
1935The Crusades  
1936The Last of the Mohicans 
The President’s Mystery (released in UK as One for All)  
A Woman Alone (released in USA as Two Who Dared)  
Souls at Sea  
Jericho (also titled Dark Sands)  
1938Prison Nurse 
Keep Smiling  
Mysterious Mr. Moto 
If I Were King  
Five of a Kind  
1939Woman Doctor  
The Arizona Wildcat 
Chasing Danger  
Tarzan Finds a Son!  
1940Free, Blonde and 21 
The Crooked Road 
Mystery Sea Raider 
1941The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance 
That Hamilton Woman (aka Lady Hamilton) 
Scotland Yard  
South of Tahiti 
The Corsican Brothers 
1942The Man Who Wouldn’t Die  
Mrs. Miniver 
Johnny Doughboy  
1949A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court  
Samson and Delilah  
1950Sunset Boulevard  
The Miniver Story  
1952The Greatest Show on Earth  
1956The Ten Commandments 
1958The Buccaneer (producer only)
1965The War Lord  
1968The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell  
1971Man in the Wilderness 
1972Doomsday Machine 
1975Against a Crooked Sky