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Show your classic Hollywood trivia chops by answering the questions below. Try not to use the internet to find your answers.
These questions and answers came from the August 1939 issue of Photoplay magazine.

1. This virile actor made his stage debut playing the role of Catharine in “Taming of the Shrew”?

Humphrey Bogart   Laurence Olivier

Spencer Tracy         Henry Wilcoxson

2. Which two of these actors began their career as extras:

Charles Boyer      James Stewart

Dennis O’Keefe   Clark Gable


Dennis O’Keefe, Clark Gable

3. This temperamental  star made news in all the papers when she panned Hollywood in an interview, then later retracted and said she had been misunderstood.

Constance Bennett    Sylvia Sidney

Jeanette MacDonald  Grace Moore


Grace Moore

4. In her early vaudeville days, this actress twirled a lariat and imitated a Texas cowgirl on the London stage.

Binnie Barnes    Barbara Stanwyck

Anne Sheridan  Joan Bondell


Binnie Barnes

5. He was a dispatch carrier for Michael Collins, leader of the Irish Revolution

Pat O’Brien     Brian Aherne

George Brent  Warner Baxter

6. The sons of two of these actors are following in their fathers’ footsteps and rapidly rising to fame on the screen as leading men:

Jack Holt                   Noah Beery

Edward G Robinson  Buck Jones


Jack Holt, Noah Beery

7. When this actor’s return to Hollywood and the screen was delayed by illness, Chester Morris replaced him in his role in “Thunder Afloat”.

Ricardo Cortez  William Powell

Franchot Tone   Dick Powell

8. It’s hard to believe that this lovely actress was once a school teacher:

Greer Garson   Hedy Lamarr

Joan Bennett   Madeleine Carroll


Madeleine Carroll

9. Two of these stars came to Hollywood from Montana

James Stewart  Myrna Loy

Gary Cooper    Olivia de Havilland

10. Sigma Chi fraternity elected her their 1939 sweetheart because of her “kissable lips”

Mary Healy          Joan Crawford

Dorothy Lamour  Loretta Young


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