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Test your memory of the pictures that Photoplay magazine selected as the most outstanding of the year 1933. Give yourself five points for every one you remember correctly. The score should be at least eighty for a seasoned moviegoer.

You don’t have to leave this page to see the answers.

  1. Herbert Marshall played a supercrook in “Trouble in Paradise.” The two women in the film were:

Kay Francis           Leila Hyams

Elizabeth Allan     Miriam Hopkin

  1. In “Night After Night” a new star was born:

Katharine Hepburn      Mae West

Barbara Stanwyck        Lupe Yelez


Mae West

  1. Richard Dix was the pioneer in “The Conquerors.” The wife who helped him start a banking business was:

Ann Harding      Loretta Young

Irene Dunne      Diana Wynyard


Ann Harding

  1. In “The Animal Kingdom” Leslie Howard‘s wife was played by:

Nancy Carroll    Dorothy Jordan

Myrna Loy         Ruth Chatterton

  1. The De Mille spectacle ‘”The Sign of the Cross”, gave this actress a chance as Nero’s consort:

Bette Davis     Claudette Colbert

Elissi Landi      Evelyn Brent

  1. “Rasputin and the Empress” featured John, Ethel and Lionel Barrymore. Which one of these actors played the czar?

Alexander Kirkland    C. Aubrey Smith

Monte Blue                 Ralph Morgan


Ralph Morgan

  1. The father in “Cavalcade” was

Clive Brook           Adolphe Menjou

Ronald Colman    Alan Dinehart


Clive Brook

  1. The children of Will Rogers in ‘ State Fair” were played by

Lew Ayres            Janet Gaynor

Norman Foster   Sally Eilers


Janet Gaynor, Norman Foster Jr

  1. The role of M. Topaze in ‘ Topaze” was played by:

John Barrymore     Maurice Chevalier

Dick Barthelmess   Fredric March


John Barrymore

  1. “Sweepings” was the story of a disillusioned father. Who was the father?

Henry Travers      Lionel Barrymore

Lewis Stone          Henry Stephenson

  1. In “Today We Live,” Gary Cooper and Franchot Tone were in love with this girl during the war:

Constance Bennett    Mary Brian

Carole Lombard         Joan Crawford

  1. The venal politician who became President in “Gabriel Over the White House” was played by:

Edmund Lowe    Walter Huston

Clark Gable         George Bancroft

  1. In the comedy, Good Bye Again,” this comedian got his first big role:

Hugh Herbert    Robert Young

Jack Oakie          Charles Ruggles


Hugh Herbert

  1. You remember George Arliss in “Voltaire,” but who was Mme. Pompadour?

Adrienne Ames   Norma Shearer

Marian Nixon      Doris Kenyon


Doris Kenyon

  1. Morning Glory” lifted Katharine Hepburn to new heights as the stage-struck girl who fell in

Joel McCrea                     David Manners

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.      Cary Grant


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

  1. The man who got the chance to live his life over again in “Turn Back the Clock” was played by:

Lee Tracy                Paul Lukas

Warner Baxter      Rod La Rocque


Lee Tracy

  1. “Three Cornered Moon” was one of the first of the screwy family pictures. Mary Boland was the crackpot mother, who played her daughter

Bebe Daniels     Claudette Colbert

June Collyer      Constance Cummings

  1. Three of these women were Charles Laughton’s wives in “The Private Life of Henry VIII

Binnie Barnes    Merle Oberon

Greta Nissen     Wendy Barrie


Binnie Barnes, Merle Oberon, Wendy Barrie

  1. In “One Sunday Afternoon”, two men loved Fay Wray. She married Neil Hamilton but the other man was:

Gary Cooper         Nick Stuart

Ricardo Cortex    James Dunn

  1. ‘”Lady for a Day” was about a blowzy old apple-selling woman. Apple Annie was brilliantly played by

Helen Westley   May Robson

Marie Dressier   Louise Dresser


May Robson


How well did you do?

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