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Here are Our Thoughts on What To Watch on TCM This Week – July 16 2017 

Sunday 16th

I Love You AgainI Love You Again ( 1940) 8:15 AM ET

Dir:  W. S. Van Dyke II

Cast:  William Powell, Myrna Loy, Frank McHugh .

A solid married man discovers he’s forgotten a past existence as a con artist.


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Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, The ( 1947) 4:00 PM ET

Dir:  Irving Reis

Cast:  Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Shirley Temple .

 A teenage girl’s crush on a playboy spells trouble, particularly when he falls for her older sister.

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The Primetime theme is Based on Jack Schaefer including the TCM premiere of The Silver Whip (1953)





Monday 17th

Today’s daytime theme is The Wild Wild West. Of the many being shown today, we recommend:

Way Out West ( 1930) 6:30 AM ET

Dir:  Fred Niblo

Cast:  William Haines , Leila Hyams , Polly Moran .

When a carnival barker gets caught conning the local cowboys, he’s forced to work off his sentence on the open range.





Today’s prime time theme is Starring Geraldine Chapman and our favorites are:


Doctor Zhivago ( 1965) 8:00 PM ET

 Dir:  David Lean

Cast:  Omar Sharif, Geraldine Chaplin , Julie Christie , Tom Courtenay .

Illicit lovers fight to stay together during the turbulent years of the Russian Revolution.





Three Musketeers, The ( 1973) 11:30 PM ET

Dir:  Richard Lester

Cast:  Richard Chamberlain , Oliver Reed , Raquel Welch .

A country boy joins the famed musketeers and fights to protect the queen’s name.







Tuesday 18th

The daytime theme is The Beast Within and while we think they are all great, the must-see movies are

Wolf Man, The ( 1941) 9:45 AM ET

Dir:  George Waggner

Cast:  Claude Rains, Warren William, Ralph Bellamy.

A British nobleman undergoes a startling transformation when he’s bitten by a gypsy werewolf.





Poster for the movie "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

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Picture of Dorian Gray, The ( 1945) 2:30 PM ET

 A man remains young and handsome while his portrait shows the ravages of age and sin.

Dir:  Albert Lewin

Cast:  George Sanders , Hurd Hatfield , Donna Reed .

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Primetime theme is Southern Exposure and we can hear the banjos.

Ode to Billy Joe ( 1976) 10:00 PM ET

Dir:  Max Baer

Cast:  Robby Benson , James Best , Glynnis O’Connor .

A country boy tries to hide from his homosexuality by courting a female friend.





Deliverance ( 1972) 12:0 AM ET

Dir:  John Boorman

Cast:  Jon Voight , Burt Reynolds , Ned Beatty

During a hunting vacation, four men fight against a murderous clan of backwoodsmen.












Wednesday 19th

Daytime theme is Joel McCrea in the 1930s. Our choice is

Silver Horde, The ( 1930) 6:15 AM ET EARLY BIRD ALERT  

Dir:  George Archainbaud

Cast:  Evelyn Brent , Louis Wolheim , Joel McCrea .

An Alaskan fisherman is dogged by a ruthless competitor and an ambitious dance hall girl.





Primetime theme is TCM Spotlight on Hitchcock


Poster for the movie "Rope"

© 1948 Transatlantic Pictures − All right reserved.

Rope (1948) 8:00 PM ET

Dir: Alfred Hitchcock

Cast: Dick Hogan , John Dall , Farley Granger .

Two wealthy young men try to commit the perfect crime by murdering a friend.

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Poster for the movie "Stage Fright"

© 1950 Warner Bros. − All right reserved.

Stage Fright ( 1950) 9:30 PM ET

Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock

Cast:  Jane Wyman , Marlene Dietrich , Michael Wilding .

An acting student goes undercover to prove a singing star killed her husband.


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Poster for the movie "Strangers on a Train"

© 1951 Warner Bros. − All right reserved.

Strangers on a Train ( 1951) 11:30 PM ET

Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock

Cast:  Farley Granger , Ruth Roman , Robert Walker .

A man’s joking suggestion that he and a chance acquaintance trade murders turns deadly.


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Thursday 20th

Daytime theme is a birthday tribute to Natalie Wood

Poster for the movie "The Searchers"

© 1956 C.V. Whitney Pictures − All right reserved.

Searchers, The ( 1956) 6:00 AM EARLY BIRD ALERT

 Dir:  John Ford

Cast:  John Wayne , Jeffrey Hunter , Vera Miles .

An Indian-hating Civil War veteran tracks down the tribe that slaughtered his family and kidnapped his niece.


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Primetime theme is TCM Star of the Month Ronald Coleman

Poster for the movie "The Prisoner of Zenda"

© 1937 United Artists − All right reserved.

Prisoner of Zenda, The ( 1937) 10:30 PM

 Dir:  John Cromwell

Cast:  Ronald Colman , Madeleine Carroll , C. Aubrey Smith .             

An Englishman who resembles the king of a small European nation gets mixed up in palace intrigue when his look-alike is kidnapped.


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Kismet ( 1944) 12:30 AM

 Dir:  William Dieterle

Cast:  Ronald Colman , Marlene Dietrich , James Craig .           

In the classic Arabian Nights tale, the king of the beggars enters high society to help his daughter marry a handsome prince.









Friday 21st

The Daytime theme is What a Handful

Poster for the movie "Little Women"

© 1933 RKO Radio Pictures − All right reserved.

Little Women (1933) 6:00 AM EARLY BIRD ALERT

Dir:  George Cukor

Cast:  Katharine Hepburn , Joan Bennett , Paul Lukas .

The four March sisters fight to keep their family together and find love while their father is off fighting the Civil War.


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Poster for the movie "Captains Courageous"

© 1937 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) − All right reserved.

Captains Courageous ( 1937) 5:45 PM

 Dir:  Victor Fleming

Cast:  Freddie Bartholomew , Spencer Tracy , Lionel Barrymore .              

A spoiled rich boy is lost at sea and rescued by a fishing boat, where hard work and responsibility help him become a man.

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Primetime theme is TCM Spotlight on Hitchcock. We love them all these two are must-see:


Poster for the movie "Rear Window"

© 1954 Paramount Pictures − All right reserved.

Rear Window ( 1954) 8:00 PM ET

Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock

Cast:  James Stewart , Grace Kelly , Wendell Corey .           

A photographer with a broken leg uncovers a murder while spying on the neighbors in a nearby apartment building.

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Trouble with Harry, The ( 1955) 10:15 PM

Dir:  Alfred Hitchcock

Cast:  Edmund Gwenn , John Forsythe , Mildred Natwick          

A corpse creates a world of trouble for several passersby who each believe they may have caused the death.








Saturday 21st

Primetime theme is Bette Davis Actress Roles

Poster for the movie "All About Eve"

© 1950 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation − All right reserved.

All About Eve ( 1950) 8:00 PM ET The Essentials

Dir:  Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Cast:  Bette Davis , Anne Baxter , George Sanders .             

An ambitious young actress tries to take over a star’s career and love life.


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Poster for the movie "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"

© 1962 Seven Arts Productions − All right reserved.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? ( 1962) 12:15 AM

Dir:  Robert Aldrich

Cast:  Bette Davis , Joan Crawford , Victor Buono .              

A crazed, aging star torments her sister in a decaying Hollywood mansion.


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We are getting so close to August 1st and our second favorite time of the year on TCM, Summer Under the Stars. If you haven’t downloaded the schedule, you can do so here. It kicks off with Marilyn Monroe and concludes with Elizabeth Taylor with lots of great stars in between.


See you next week! Happy Watching.