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Not only was 1943 a big year for movies but it was also a big year for actors making their film debuts and the deaths of some truly great talent. Here is a snap shot of the American film industry.


Making Their Film Debuts:

Hume CronynShadow of a Doubt
Kim Hunter – The Seventh Victim
Robert MitchumThe Human Comedy
Shelley Winters – There’s Something About a Soldier
Natalie Wood – The Moon Is Down


Top-grossing Films

1.For Whom the Bell TollsParamount
2.This is the ArmyWarner Bros.
3.The Song of Bernadette20th Century Fox
4.Hitler’s ChildrenRKO
5.Star Spangled RhythmParamount
6.CasablancaWarner Bros.
7.Air ForceWarner Bros.
8.Destination TokyoWarner Bros.
9.A Guy Named JoeMGM
10.Coney Island20th Century Fox
11.So Proudly We Hail!Paramount
12.Behind the Rising SunRKO
13.Guadalcanal Diary20th Century Fox
14.Hello, Frisco, Hello20th Century Fox
16.Sweet Rosie O’Grady20th Century Fox
17.Girl CrazyMGM
18.Stage Door CanteenUnited Artists
19.The Gang’s All Here20th Century Fox
20.Thousands CheerMGM


Academy Award Winners

Best Picture: Casablanca – Warner Bros.

Best Actor: Paul Lukas – Watch on the Rhine

Best Actress: Jennifer JonesThe Song of Bernadette

Best Supporting Actor: Charles Coburn – The More the Merrier

Best Supporting Actress: Katina Paxinou – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Best Director: Michael Curtiz – Casablanca


Among Those Who Died In 1943:

  • Dora Gerson, 43, German actress, Caravan of Death, On the Brink of Paradise;
  • Lynne Overman, 58, American actress, Little Miss Marker, Union Pacific, Dixie;
  • Conrad Veidt, 50, German actor, Casablanca, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Thief of Baghdad, The Spy in Black;
  • Leslie Howard, 50, Academy Award-nominated British actor, Gone with the Wind, Pygmalion, The Petrified Forest, Of Human Bondage;
  • Arthur Byron, 71, American actor, 20,000 Years in Sing Sing, Gabriel Over the White House


The Greatest Films of 1943




Poster for the movie "Cabin in the Sky "

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Cabin in the Sky

D: Vincente Minnelli

A noteworthy film from the Alan Freed production unit at MGM. It marked the debut of film director Vincente Minnelli (who directed the Broadway play) and was Hollywood’s first general release of an all-star, all-black musical, taken directly from its original Broadway production. It was only the fourth all-black cast film to be made, after Hallelujah (1929), Hearts in Dixie (1929), and The Green Pastures (1936). With the Duke Ellington Orchestra and Louis Armstrong as the Trumpeter. A delightful, energetic, and extravagantly-executed story, really a moralistic Faustian fable about a tug of war between good and evil.

Boozing and womanizing Little Joe (Eddie “Rochester” Anderson), a shiftless gambler of questionable morals, is shot and killed at the Paradise Club during an argument over his gambling debts. Immediately, there is competition for his soul between God’s General (Kenneth Spencer) and the Devil’s son Lucifer Jr. (Rex Ingram). The General is summoned by the prayers of Little Joe’s devoted and religious wife Petunia Jackson (Ethel Waters). It is decided that Little Joe’s soul will have a trial period of six months on Earth, to test his virtue and see whether he will reform. Lucifer Jr. tempts him with winning $50,000 in the Irish Sweepstakes, and the seductive alluring charms of the evil and beautiful singer Georgia Brown (Lena Horne). The sexy temptress is sent by the devil to win over Little Joe’s soul and force him to give up Petunia. With songs including Arlen and Harburg’s “Happiness is a Thing Called Joe” – nominated for Best Song.

Learn more and watch the trailer here.