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Monday and Tuesday nights are dedicated to TCM Spotlight on the Hollywood Blacklist.

Movies of film makers and/or stars affected by the actions of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) in the 1950s will be shown.

Wednesday is dedicated to Star of the Month (SOTM) James Stewart. There is a big change that I hope will continue. In the past, the films for SOTM stars with large filmographies, like Jimmy Stewart, began at 8 pm ET on their assigned day and continued into the next TCM day. Now they will have their films shown in one TCM day (6 am ET to 6 am ET) once a week.

Saturdays and Sundays usually don’t have a daytime theme however on Saturday Nov 11, the day is dedicated to war movies in honor of Veterans Day.

Saturday nights at 8 pm ET, Alec Baldwin and a special guest host present The Essentials, a movie they consider a must-see for classic movie fans. The two films following The Essentials are tied into it by a theme. It could be by the star of The Essentials movie or a theme like blackmail. Following this block of movies, usually about 2 am ET is TCM Underground which shows cult classics.

Sunday late nights (Monday on the East Coast) are dedicated to Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports. The fun begins at midnight eastern time.


We had to revert to a very simple schedule because the “fancy” layout was breaking code on the site. Hopefully this will be the last change for a while. We appreciate your patience.



All times are Eastern

** denotes must-see picks

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Daily Highlights

Sunday 12th  Daytime is the second day of a two-day tribute to Veterans. The chosen movies cover three decades and a wide range of genres and subject matter, including four films made during the World War II era. Primetime is a Pat Boone double header

  • Must-see picks 7:15 AM ET Guys and Dolls (1955) and of course 3:45 PM ET Casablanca (1942)

Monday 13th Daytime theme is New York City in Love. TCM Spotlight: The Hollywood Blacklist focuses on Before the Blacklist – Others Blacklisted (Writers and Directors) Part 1

Tuesday 14th  Daytime is a birthday tribute to Dick Powell and the prime time theme is  TCM Spotlight: The Hollywood Blacklist – Before the Blacklist – Others Blacklisted (Writers and Directors) Part 2

Wednesday 15th Star of the Month James Stewart all day and night  – 1950s movies, part 1

  • Must-see picks 8:15 AM ET Gun Crazy (1949) and 6:00 PM ET Rope (1948)

Thursday 16th  Daytime theme is Great Party! The prime time theme is a tribute to Marsha Mason.

Friday 17th The daytime theme is a dedicated to mostly Pre-Code Irene Dunne. The prime time theme is Wonderstruck (With Brian Selznick)

  • Must-see picks 3:00 PM ET Secret Of Madame Blanche, The (1933) and 9:45 PM ET Being There (1979)

Saturday 18th The Essentials: Grace Kelly is a triple header starting with our favorite Rear Window.

  • Must-see picks 6:15 PM ET Westworld (1973) and 8:00 PM ET Rear Window (1954)