October has been crazy at Classic Movie Treasures (mostly in a good way). We moved the site to a server with a faster response time (yeah!) but lost some indexes due to some outdated code and of course the “fix” isn’t easy. We are working on it.

I am telling you this because:

  1. if you are looking for something specific on the site and can’t easily find it (like biographies) that is due to the old code. You can always use the search box at the top of the page to find it.
  2. to let you know that as of this writing, all of the November schedule for TCM, our must-see picks and the complete overview are not finished yet. It will be finished by November 1.

We have decided to combine the overview and the schedule so you can now view it all on one page. We will have the overview just above each week’s schedule.

Beginning now, the TCM schedule URL won’t change month to month so you can bookmark it once and not have to change it every month.

We hope you will like these changes. Let us know what you think of them.


P.S. We are looking for topic suggestions for a new Friday feature. What would you like to know about classic movies?