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Not only was 1960 a big year for movies but it was also a big year for actors making their film debuts and the deaths of some truly great talent. Here is a snap shot of the American film industry.

Making Their Film Debuts:

  • Alan Bates – The Entertainer
  • Bruce Dern – Wild River
  • Albert Finney – The Entertainer
  • Jane Fonda – Tall Story
  • Peter O’Toole – Kidnapped
  • Robert Redford – Tall Story
  • Gian Maria Volontè – Under Ten Flags
  • Susannah York – Tunes of Glory


Top-grossing Films

3.ExodusUnited Artists$8,500,000
4.Swiss Family RobinsonWalt Disney Productions$7,900,000
5.The AlamoUnited Artists$7,900,000
6.The ApartmentUnited Artists$6,700,000
7.BUtterfield 8MGM$6,000,000
8.Ocean’s 11Warner Bros.$5,500,000
9.Please Don’t Eat the DaisiesMGM$5,300,000
10.From the Terrace20th Century Fox$5,200,000

(*) After theatrical re-issue(s)


Academy Award Winners

Best Picture: The Apartment – Mirisch, United Artists

Best Director: Billy Wilder – The Apartment

Best Actor: Burt LancasterElmer Gantry

Best Actress: Elizabeth TaylorBUtterfield 8

Best Supporting Actor: Peter Ustinov – Spartacus

Best Supporting Actress: Shirley JonesElmer Gantry


Among Those Who Died In 1960:

  • January 1 – Margaret Sullavan, 50, American actress, The Shop Around the Corner, The Mortal Storm
  • January 3 – Victor Sjöström, 80, Swedish film actor and director, The Phantom Carriage, Wild Strawberries
  • January 4 – Dudley Nichols, 64, American screenwriter, Bringing Up Baby, Stagecoach
  • January 21 – Matt Moore, 72, Irish-American actor, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Coquette
  • January 24 – John Miljan, 67, American actor, The Plainsman, Mississippi
  • February 3
    • Fred Buscaglione, 38, Italian actor and singer
    • Pierre Watkin, 70, American actor, Pride of the Yankees, The Hunted
  • March 19 – Sonya Levien, 71, Russian screenwriter, Oklahoma!, Quo Vadis, Interrupted Melody
  • April 5 – Alma Kruger, 90, American actress, His Girl Friday, Saboteur
  • April 25 – Hope Emerson, 62, American actress, Caged, Adam’s Rib
  • May 27 – George Zucco, 74, British actor, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, My Favorite Blonde
  • July 15 – Lawrence Tibbett, 63, American singer and actor, The Rogue Song, Under Your Spell
  • July 26 – Cedric Gibbons, 67, Irish production designer and art director, An American in Paris, The Bad and the Beautiful
  • July 29 – Leonora Corbett, 52, British actress, Love on Wheels, Living Dangerously
  • August 10 – Frank Lloyd, 74, Scottish director, Mutiny on the Bounty, Cavalcade
  • September 4 – Alfred E. Green, 71, American director, Baby Face, Top Banana
  • September 11 – Edwin Justus Mayer, 63, American screenwriter, To Be or Not to Be, A Royal Scandal
  • October 11 – Richard Cromwell, 50, American actor, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Jezebel
  • October 15 – Clara Kimball Young, 70, American actress, My Official Wife, Kept Husbands
  • November 3 – Paul Willis, 59, American silent-film actor, The Fall of a Nation
  • November 5
  • November 16 – Clark Gable, 59, American actor, It Happened One Night, Mutiny on the Bounty, Gone with the Wind
  • November 19 – Phyllis Haver, 61, American actress, Chicago, Sal of Singapore
  • November 20 – Betty Lawford, 48, British actress, Criminal Lawyer, The Devil Thumbs a Ride
  • December 14 – Gregory Ratoff, 67, Russian actor and director, All About Eve, Intermezzo

The Greatest Films of 1960




Poster for the movie "The Apartment"

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The Apartment

D: Billy Wilder

A Best Picture-winner – a caustically-witty, satirically cynical, melodramatic comedy about corporate politics – and a bitter-sweet romance. In a bid to get ahead, an ambitious, lowly, misguided, and young insurance clerk C. C. Baxter (Jack Lemmon) generously lent out the keys to his NYC apartment to his company’s higher-up, philandering executives for romantic, adulterous, extra-marital trysts, including to his callous married boss J. D. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray). Baxter’s own budding crush toward his building’s elevator operator – melancholy, and vulnerable Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine) turned ugly when he discovered he had been outsmarted – she was the latest conquest of his boss – and had attempted suicide in his apartment. Baxter’s next-door, philosophizing doctor/neighbor Dr. Dreyfuss (Jack Kruschen) convinced Baxter to confront the craven ethics of his superiors – and he won the affections of Fran.

Learn more and watch the preview here.


Poster for the movie "BUtterfield 8"