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Not only was 1963 a big year for movies but it was also a big year for actors making their film debuts and the deaths of some truly great talent. Here is a snap shot of the American film industry.

Making Their Film Debuts:

  • Bob BalabanMidnight Cowboy
  • Bonnie Bedelia – The Gypsy Moths
  • Jill Clayburgh – The Wedding Party
  • Bruce Davison – Last Summer
  • Sam ElliottButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Farrah Fawcett – Love Is a Funny Thing
  • Melanie Griffith – Smith!
  • George LazenbyOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • Ian McKellen – A Touch of Love
  • Ryan O’Neal – The Big Bounce
  • Al Pacino – Me, Natalie
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Hercules in New York
  • Sam Shepard – Me and My Brother
  • Christopher Walken – Me and My Brother
  • Emmet WalshMidnight Cowboy


Top-grossing Films

1.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid20th Century Fox$102,308,889
2.Midnight CowboyUnited Artists$44,785,053
3.Easy RiderColumbia$41,728,598
4.Hello, Dolly!20th Century Fox$33,208,099
5.Bob & Carol & Ted & AliceColumbia$31,897,253
6.Paint Your WagonParamount$31,678,778
7.True GritParamount$31,132,592
8.Cactus FlowerColumbia$25,889,208
9.Goodbye, ColumbusParamount$22,939,805
10.On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceUnited Artists$22,774,493
12.ZCinema V$14,283,305
13.The Sterile CuckooParamount$13,982,357
14.The StewardessesSherpix Inc.$13,500,000
15.Run, Angel, Run!Fanfare Films$13,000,000
16.They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?Cinerama$12,600,000
17.A Boy Named Charlie BrownNational General Pictures$12,000,000
18.The Wild BunchWarner Bros.$10,500,000
19.Sweet CharityUniversal$8,000,000
20.The Undefeated20th Century Fox$8,000,000
21.Where Eagles DareMGM$7,100,000
22.Alice’s RestaurantUnited Artists$6,300,000
23.Take the Money and RunCinerama$6,080,000
25.The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie20th Century Fox$6,000,000
26.If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be BelgiumUnited Artists$6,000,000
27.Once Upon a Time in the WestParamount$5,321,508


Academy Award Winners

Best Picture: Midnight Cowboy – Hellman-Schlesinger, United Artists

Best Director: John Schlesinger, Midnight Cowboy

Best Actor: John WayneTrue Grit

Best Actress: Maggie Smith – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Best Supporting Actor: Gig Young, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Best Supporting Actress: Goldie Hawn, Cactus Flower


Among Those Who Died In 1969:

  • January 1 – Barton MacLane, 66, American actor, The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
  • January 3 – Howard McNear, 63, American actor, Anatomy of a Murder, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  • January 4 – Violet and Daisy Hilton, 60, English conjoined twins, actresses, appeared in film Freaks
  • January 8 – Leslie Goodwins, 69, English director, The Mummy’s Curse, Mexican Spitfire
  • January 27 – Charles Winninger, 84, American actor, Destry Rides Again, The Sun Shines Bright
  • February 2 – Boris Karloff, 81, English actor, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Raven
  • February 5 – Thelma Ritter, 66, American actress, Rear Window, All About Eve
  • February 9 – Gabby Hayes, 83, American actor, The Man from Utah, In Old Oklahoma
  • February 11 – James Lanphier, 48, American actor, The Pink Panther, The Party
  • February 19 – Madge Blake, 69, American actress, The Long, Long Trailer, Batman
  • February 27 – John Boles, 73, American actor, Frankenstein, Stella Dallas
  • March 18 – Barbara Bates, 43, American actress, The Caddy, All About Eve
  • March 25 – Alan Mowbray, 72, British actor, Terror by Night, My Darling Clementine
  • April 2 – Fortunio Bonanova, 74, Spanish actor, Citizen Kane, An Affair to Remember
  • April 23 – Krzysztof Komeda, 37, Polish composer, Rosemary’s Baby, The Fearless Vampire Killers
  • May 3 – Karl Freund, 69, Czech-American cinematographer and director, Metropolis, The Mummy, Key Largo
  • May 24 – Mitzi Green, 48, American actress, Lost in Alaska, Skippy
  • May 27 – Jeffrey Hunter, 42, American actor, The Searchers, King of Kings
  • June 2 – Leo Gorcey, 51, American actor, Ghost Chasers, Spook Busters
  • June 8 – Robert Taylor, 57, American actor, Quo Vadis, Camille, Bataan, Ivanhoe
  • June 10 – Frank Lawton, 64, English actor, A Night to Remember, The Devil-Doll
  • June 13 – Martita Hunt, 70, Argentine-English actress, Becket, Great Expectations
  • June 19 – Natalie Talmadge, 73, American silent screen actress, Our Hospitality, Intolerance
  • June 20 – Rudolf Schwarzkogler, 29, Austrian experimental filmmaker, Satisfaction
  • June 22 – Judy Garland, 47, American actress and singer, The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, A Star Is Born
  • July 5 – Lambert Hillyer, 75, American director, Dracula’s Daughter, Batman
  • July 5 – Leo McCarey, 72, American director, An Affair to Remember, Going My Way
  • July 7 – Erskine Sanford, 83, American actor, Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons
  • July 8 – Gladys Swarthout, 68, American singer, Romance in the Dark, Give Us This Night
  • July 13 – Bess Meredyth, 79, American screenwriter, The Unsuspected, Charlie Chan at the Opera
  • July 15 – Peter van Eyck, 57, Polish actor, The Wages of Fear, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
  • July 18 – Barbara Pepper, 54, American actress, The Rogues Tavern, Kiss Me, Stupid
  • July 26 – Raymond Walburn, 81, American actor, High, Wide, and Handsome, Third Finger, Left Hand
  • August 1 – Donald Keith, 65, American actor, The Plastic Age, Parisian Love
  • August 9 – Sharon Tate, 26, American actress, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Valley of the Dolls
  • August 14 – Sigrid Gurie, 58, American actress, Algiers, The Adventures of Marco Polo
  • August 15 – William Goetz, 66, American producer, studio executive, Sayonara, Les Misérables
  • August 26 – Martin Miller, 69, Czech actor, 55 Days at Peking, The Pink Panther
  • September 14 – James Anderson, 48, American actor, To Kill a Mockingbird, Take the Money and Run
  • September 19 – Rex Ingram, 73, American actor, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Thief of Bagdad
  • October 8 – Eduardo Ciannelli, 81, Italian actor, Gunga Din, Strange Cargo
  • October 12 – Sonja Henie, 57, Norwegian actress, former Olympic ice skater, Sun Valley Serenade, One in a Million
  • October 15 – Rod La Rocque, 70, American actor,