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Not only was 1966 a big year for movies but it was also a big year for actors making their film debuts and the deaths of some truly great talent. Here is a snap shot of the American film industry.

Making Their Film Debuts:


Top-grossing Films

1.The Bible: In the Beginning…20th Century Fox$34,900,023
2.HawaiiUnited Artists$34,562,222
3.Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Warner Bros.$33,736,689
4.The Sand Pebbles20th Century Fox$30,017,647
5.A Man for All SeasonsColumbia$28,350,000
6.The Good, the Bad and the UglyUnited Artists$25,100,000
7.Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.Walt Disney Pictures$22,565,634
8.The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are ComingUnited Artists$21,693,114
9.Grand PrixMGM$20,845,016
11.The Endless SummerCinema V$20,000,000
12.The ProfessionalsColumbia$19,537,346
14.Georgy GirlColumbia$16,873,162
15.The SilencersColumbia$16,318,124
16.Follow Me, Boys!Walt Disney Pictures$16,207,116
17.The Blue Max20th Century Fox$16,151,612
18.Our Man Flint20th Century Fox$16,000,000
19.The Wild AngelsAIP$15,541,070
20.A Man and a WomanUnited Artists$14,000,000
21.Torn CurtainUniversal$13,000,000
22.Fantastic Voyage20th Century Fox$12,000,000
22.HarperWarner Bros.$12,000,000
23.The Trouble with AngelsColumbia$8,200,000
25.Walk, Don’t RunColumbiaUS$7,500,000


Academy Award Winners

Best Picture: A Man for All Seasons – Highland, Columbia

Best Director: Fred ZinnemannA Man for All Seasons

Best Actor: Paul ScofieldA Man for All Seasons

Best Actress: Elizabeth TaylorWho’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Best Supporting Actor: Walter Matthau – The Fortune Cookie

Best Supporting Actress: Sandy DennisWho’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Among Those Who Died In 1967:

  • January 3 – Rex Lease, 62, American actor, Rough Riding Ranger, Borrowed Wives
  • January 17 – Vincent J. Donehue, 50, American director, Lonelyhearts, Sunrise at Campobello
  • January 22 – Herbert Marshall, 75, British actor, The Letter, The Little Foxes
  • January 31 – Elizabeth Patterson, 90, American actress, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Remember the Night
  • February 1
    • Buster Keaton, 70, American actor and director, The General, Sherlock, Jr.
    • Hedda Hopper, 80, American gossip columnist and actress, Sunset Boulevard, Topper
  • February 9 – Sophie Tucker, 82, Russian-born American singer and actress, Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry, Broadway Melody of 1938
  • February 18 – Robert Rossen, 57, American writer and director, The Hustler, All the King’s Men
  • February 19 – James Edward Grant, 60, American writer and director, Angel and the Badman, The Alamo
  • February 26 – Mientje Kling, 71, Dutch actress, The Devil in Amsterdam
  • March 3
  • March 12 – Estelita Rodriguez, 34, Cuban actress, Tropical Heat Wave, Rio Bravo
  • March 26 – Cyril Hume, 66, American screenwriter, The Great Gatsby, Forbidden Planet
  • April 6
    • Julia Faye, 73, American actress, Chicago, The Ten Commandments
    • Edna Flugrath, 73, American silent-film actress, The Derby Winner, The Pursuit of Pamela
  • April 16 – Marjie Millar, 34, American actress, Money from Home, About Mrs. Leslie
  • June 5 – Natacha Rambova, 69, American actress, Salome, Monsieur Beaucaire
  • June 11 – Wallace Ford, 68, British-born American actor, Another Face, 3 Ring Circus
  • June 19 – Ed Wynn, 79, American actor, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins
  • July 6 – Anne Nagel, 50, American actress, Under the Big Top, My Little Chickadee
  • July 23
  • August 3 – Lenny Bruce, 40, American satirist
  • August 15
    • Jan Kiepura, 64, Polish tenor and actor, My Song for You
    • Seena Owen, 71, American actress, Queen Kelly, Victory
  • August 23 – Francis X. Bushman, 83, American actor, Ben-Hur, The Phantom Planet
  • August 25 – Lance Comfort, 58, British director, Penn of Pennsylvania, Eight O’Clock Walk
  • August 26 – Art Baker, 68, American actor, Cover Up, The Farmer’s Daughter
  • September 14 – Nikolai Cherkasov, 63, Soviet actor, Alexander Nevsky, Ivan The Terrible, Part II
  • September 22 – Jules Furthman, 78, American screenwriter, The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not
  • October 13 – Clifton Webb, 76, American actor, Laura, The Man Who Never Was
  • October 16 – George O’Hara, 67, American actor and writer, Side Street, The Grapes of Wrath
  • October 23 – Claire McDowell, 88, American actress, The Mark of Zorro, Ben-Hur
  • October 24 – Hans Dreier, 81, German art director of European and American films, Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity
  • November 3 – Byron Barr, 49, American actor, Double Indemnity, Pitfall
  • November 9 – James V. Kern, 57, American screenwriter and director, Never Say Goodbye, Two Tickets to Broadway
  • December 14
    • Emma Dunn, 91, British actress, Mother, Life with Father
    • Verna Felton, 76, American actress and voice actress, Picnic, Cinderella
    • Richard Whorf, 60, American actor and director, Christmas Holiday, Yankee Doodle Dandy
  • December 15 – Walt Disney, 65, American producer, cartoonist and studio executive, Steamboat Willie, Cinderella, Fantasia
  • December 22
    • Harry Beaumont, 78, American director, The Broadway Melody, Enchanted April
    • Robert Keith, 68, American actor, The Lineup, Written on the Wind