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Not only was 1942 a big year for movies but it was also a big year for actors making their film debuts and the deaths of some truly great talent. Here is a snap shot of the American film industry.


Making Their Film Debuts:

Richard AttenboroughIn Which We Serve; Anne Jeffreys – Billy the Kid Trapped; Gene Kelly – For Me and My Gal; Harry Morgan – To the Shores of Tripoli; Simone Signoret – Bolero; Elizabeth Taylor – There’s One Born Every Minute; and Esther Williams – Andy Hardy’s Double Life


Top-grossing Films

Box office numbers were reported at the time as a percentage compared to ‘normal’ business at each theater. For example, Mrs. Miniver performed at 244% while The Major and the Minor did a solid 155%. This is why exact dollar grosses for the period are unreliable at best.

1.Mrs. MiniverMGM
2.Yankee Doodle DandyWarner Bros.
3.Random HarvestMGM
4.Road to MoroccoParamount
5.Reap the Wild WindParamount
6.The Black Swan20th Century Fox
7.Somewhere I’ll Find YouMGM
8.Holiday InnParamount
9.Eagle SquadronUniversal
10.The Pride of the YankeesRKO
11.Wake IslandParamount
12.For Me and My GalMGM
13.Pardon My SarongUniversal
14.My Sister EileenColumbia
15.Who Done It?Universal
16.The Major and the MinorParamount
17.This Above All20th Century Fox
18.The Talk of the TownColumbia
19.My Favorite BlondeParamount



Academy Award Winners

Best Picture: Mrs. Miniver – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Best Actor: James CagneyYankee Doodle Dandy

Best Actress: Greer GarsonMrs. Miniver

Best Supporting Actor: Van HeflinJohnny Eager

Best Supporting Actress: Teresa WrightMrs. Miniver

Best Director: William WylerMrs. Miniver

Special Academy Award: In Which We Serve


Among Those Who Died In 1942:

The Greatest Films of 1942




Poster for the movie "Bambi"

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D: Disney Studio

Another appealing, popular Disney animated film classic, based on Felix Salten’s book. The legendary film follows newborn baby fawn Bambi as he grows up, experiences the loss of his mother by a hunter, and eventually becomes a leader of the herd – a magnificent stag. The maturing of Bambi illustrates the struggles, turmoil, and changes that accompany the changing of seasons, the passage of time, and life’s survival, as he comes of age and completes the cycle of life. With memorable supporting characters and forest friends of Bambi, including Thumper the rabbit, Flower the skunk and Owl the owl.

Learn more and watch the trailer here.