BOLD indicates winner


1927/28 (1st)

DIRECTING (Comedy Picture)

  • Lewis Milestone — Two Arabian Knights
  • Ted Wilde — Speedy

DIRECTING (Dramatic Picture)

  • Frank Borzage — 7th Heaven
  • Herbert Brenon — Sorrell and Son
  • King Vidor — The Crowd


To Charles Chaplin, for acting, writing, directing and producing The Circus.

[NOTE: “The Academy Board of Judges on merit awards for individual achievements in motion picture arts during the year ending August 1, 1928, unanimously decided that your name should be removed from the competitive classes, and that a special first award be conferred upon you for writing, acting, directing and producing The Circus. The collective accomplishments thus displayed place you in a class by yourself.” (Letter from the Academy to Mr. Chaplin, dated February 19, 1929.)]


1928/29 (2nd)

[NOTE: THESE ARE NOT AN OFFICIAL NOMINATION. There were no announcements of nominations, no certificates of nomination or honorable mention, and only the winners (*) were revealed during the awards banquet on April 3, 1930. Though not official nominations, the additional names in each category, according to in-house records, were under consideration by the various boards of judges.]


1929/30 (3rd)


1930/31 (4th)


1931/32 (5th)


1932/33 (6th)


1934 (7th)


1935 (8th)


1936 (9th)


1937 (10th)


1938 (11th)

1939 (12th)