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Bells of St. Mary’s (1944) Starring Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman, and Henry Travers

The Bells of St. Mary's (1945) — 126 min - Drama, Family - 27 December 1945 Your rating: Father O'Malley the unconventional priest from 'Going My Way' continues his work for the Catholic Church. This time he is sent to St. Mary's, a run-down parochial school on the verge of condemnation. He and Sister Benedict work together in an attempt to save the school, though their differing methods often lead to good-natured disagreements. Director:  Leo McCarey Stars:  Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman, Henry Travers, William Gargan, Ruth Donnelly, Joan Carroll, Martha Sleeper, Rhys Williams, Richard Tyler, Una O'Connor, Jimmy Crane, Bobby...

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Love Affair (1939) Starring Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, and Maria Ouspenskaya

Love Affair (1939) — 88 min - Drama, Romance - 7 April 1939 Your rating: French playboy Michel Marnet and American Terry McKay fall in love aboard ship. They arrange to reunite 6 months later, after Michel has had a chance to earn a decent living. Director:  Leo McCarey Stars:  Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Maria Ouspenskaya, Lee Bowman, Astrid Allwyn, Maurice Moscovitch, Scotty Beckett, Ferike Boros, Mary Bovard, Tom Dugan, Bess Flowers, Dell Henderson, Leyland Hodgson, Carol Hughes, Lloyd Ingraham, Phyllis Kennedy, Joan Leslie, Fred Malatesta, Frank McGlynn Sr., Harold Miller, Gerald Mohr, Bert Moorhouse, Henry Norton, Oscar O'Shea Photos...

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Awful Truth, The (1937) Starring Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, and Ralph Bellamy

The Awful Truth (1937) NR 91 min - Comedy, Drama, Romance - 1 January 1937 Your rating: Unfounded suspicions lead a married couple to begin divorce proceedings, whereupon they start undermining each other's attempts to find new romance. Director:  Leo McCarey Stars:  Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, Alexander D'Arcy, Cecil Cunningham, Molly Lamont, Esther Dale, Joyce Compton, Robert 'Tex' Allen, Robert Warwick, Mary Forbes, Claud Allister, Al Bridge, Edgar Dearing, Wyn Cahoon, Sarah Edwards, Bess Flowers, Mitchell Harris, Dell Henderson, Scott Kolk, Bert Moorhouse, Miki Morita, Edmund Mortimer, Zita Moulton, George C. Pearce, Edward Peil Sr., Paul Stanton, John...

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Make Way For Tomorrow (1937) Starring Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Fay Bainter, and Thomas Mitchell

Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) — 91 min - Drama, Romance - 9 May 1937 Your rating: At a family reunion, the Cooper clan find that their parents' home is being foreclosed. "Temporarily," Ma moves in with son George's family, Pa with daughter Cora. But the parents are like sand in the gears of their middle-aged children's well regulated households. Can the old folks take matters into their own hands? Director:  Leo McCarey Stars:  Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Fay Bainter, Thomas Mitchell, Porter Hall, Barbara Read, Maurice Moscovitch, Elisabeth Risdon, Minna Gombell, Louise Beavers, Ray Mayer, Ralph Remley, Louis Jean...

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Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) Starring Charles Laughton, Mary Boland, Charles Ruggles, and Zasu Pitts

Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) — 90 min - Comedy, Romance - 8 March 1935 Your rating: In this comedy of an Englishman stranded in a sea of barbaric Americans, Marmaduke Ruggles (Charles Laughton), a gentleman's gentleman and butler to an Earl is lost in a poker game to an uncouth American cattle baron. Ruggles's life is turned upside down as he's taken to the USA, is gradually assimilated into American life, accidently becomes a local celebrity, and falls in love along the way. Director:  Leo McCarey Stars:  Charles Laughton, Mary Boland, Charles Ruggles, Zasu Pitts, Roland Young, Leila Hyams...

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Duck Soup (1933) Starring The Marx Brothers

Duck Soup (1933) — 68 min - Comedy - 17 November 1933 Your rating: Rufus T. Firefly is named president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia and declares war on neighboring Sylvania over the love of wealthy Mrs. Teasdale. Director:  Leo McCarey Writers:  Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby Stars:  Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx, Margaret Dumont, Raquel Torres, Louis Calhern, Edmund Breese, Leonid Kinskey, Charles Middleton, Edgar Kennedy, Edward Arnold, Wade Boteler, Sidney Bracey, E.H. Calvert, Davison Clark, Louise Closser Hale, Carrie Daumery, Maude Turner Gordon, Florence Wix, Joseph Crehan, Mario Dominici, Edmund Mortimer, Charles West, Verna Hillie, Edward LeSaint, George...

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Going My Way (1944) Starring Bing Crosby, and Barry Fitzgerald

Youthful Father Chuck O’Malley (Bing Crosby) led a colourful life of sports, song, and romance before joining the Roman Catholic clergy. After being appointed to a run-down New York parish , O’Malley’s worldly knowledge helps him connect with a gang of boys looking for direction, eventually winning over the aging, conventional Parish priest (Barry Fitzgerald).

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Affair to Remember, An (1957) Starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

An Affair to Remember (1957) — 111 min - Drama, Romance - 11 July 1957 Your rating: Nickie Ferrante's return to New York to marry a rich heiress is well publicized as are his many antics and affairs. He meets a nightclub singer Terry McKay who is also on her way home to her longtime boyfriend. She sees him as just another playboy and he sees her as stand-offish but over several days they soon find they've fallen in love. Nickie has never really worked in his life so they agree that they will meet again in six months time...

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