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That Hamilton Woman (1941) Starring Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, and Alan Mowbray

That Hamilton Woman (1941) — 128 min - Drama, History, Romance, War - 3 April 1941 Your rating: Not rated yet! Sir William Hamilton, a widower of mature years, is British ambassador to the Court of Naples. Emma who comes for a visit with her mother wouldn't cut the grade with London society but she gets along well with the Queen of Naples. Emma likes being Lady Hamilton and life goes smoothly until Lord Nelson pays a visit. Sir William decides at first to let his young wife have her fling and pretends not to know what is going on....

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Devil and Miss Jones, The (1941) Starring Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn, and Robert Cummings

The Devil and Miss Jones (1941) — 92 min - Comedy - 11 April 1941 Your rating: Not rated yet! The wealthiest man in the world, John P. Merrick, is a private person who likes to stay anonymous. One of his many assets, so small that he didn't even knew that he owned it, is Neeley's Department Store. There is labor unrest at the store, and the employees' anger is directed at Merrick, who they hang in effigy outside the store despite not knowing what he looks like. Merrick, not happy at what he sees going on, decides to mete...

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Blossoms in the Dust (1941) Starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, and Felix Bressart

Blossoms in the Dust (1941) — 99 min - Drama, Romance - 25 July 1941 Your rating: Not rated yet! Edna marries Texan Sam Gladney, operator of a wheat mill. They have a son, who is killed when very young. Edna discovers by chance how the law treats children who are without parents and decides to do something about it. She opens a home for foundlings and orphans and begins to place children in good homes, despite the opposition of "conservative" citizens, who would condemn illegitimate children for being born out of wedlock. Eventually Edna leads a fight in the...

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Back Street (1941) Starring Charles Boyer, Margaret Sullavan, and Richard Carlson

Back Street (1941) — 89 min - Drama - 7 February 1941 Your rating: Based on the bestselling novel by Fannie Hurst (Imitation of Life), Back Street is a quintessential tearjerker in which a couple meets and falls in love but is unable to marry due to impossible circumstances. However, despite their situation, they carry on a lifelong illicit affair until tragedy strikes. Directed by Robert Stevenson, the film also stars Richard Carlson, Tim Holt, Frank McHugh, Esther Dale and Cecil Cunningham. Director:  Robert Stevenson Stars:  Charles Boyer, Margaret Sullavan, Richard Carlson, Frank McHugh, Tim Holt, Frank Jenks, Esther Dale,...

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Ziegfeld Girl (1941) Starring Judy Garland, James Stewart, Hedy Lamarr, and Lana Turner

Ziegfeld Girl (1941) — 132 min - Drama, Music, Romance - 25 April 1941 Your rating: Not rated yet! Discovery by Flo Ziegfeld changes a girl's life but not necessarily for the better, as three beautiful women find out when they join the spectacle on Broadway: Susan, the singer who must leave behind her ageing vaudevillian father; vulnerable Sheila, the working girl pursued both by a millionaire and by her loyal boyfriend from Flatbush; and the mysterious European beauty Sandra, whose concert violinist husband cannot endure the thought of their escaping from poverty by promenading her glamor in skimpy costumes....

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Bride Came C.O.D., The (1941) Starring James Cagney, Bette Davis, and Jack Carson

The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941) — 92 min - Comedy, Romance - 12 July 1941 Your rating: A financially-strapped charter pilot hires himself to an oil tycoon to kidnap his madcap daughter and prevent her from marrying a vapid band leader. Director:  William Keighley Stars:  James Cagney, Bette Davis, Stuart Erwin, Eugene Pallette, Jack Carson, George Tobias, Harry Davenport, William Frawley, Edward Brophy, Harry Holman, George Davis, Jimmy the Crow Photos No images were imported for this movie. Storyline A financially-strapped charter pilot hires himself to an oil tycoon to kidnap his madcap daughter and prevent her from marrying a...

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Blood and Sand (1941) Starring Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, and Rita Hayworth

Blood and Sand (1941) — 125 min - Action, Drama, Romance - 30 May 1941 Your rating: Bullfighter Juan Gallardo falls for socialite Dona Sol, turning from the faithful Carmen who nevertheless stands by her man as he continues to face real danger in the bullring. Director:  Rouben Mamoulian Writers:  Jo Swerling, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Stars:  Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Rita Hayworth, Alla Nazimova, Anthony Quinn, J. Carrol Naish, Lynn Bari, John Carradine, Laird Cregar, Monty Banks, George Reeves, Pedro de Cordoba, Fortunio Bonanova, Victor Kilian, Adrian Morris, Ann Todd, Cora Sue Collins, Russell Hicks, Maurice Cass, Jacqueline Dalya, Gino...

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That Uncertain Feeling (1941) Starring Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, and Burgess Meredith

That Uncertain Feeling (1941) — 84 min - Comedy, Romance - 20 April 1941 Your rating: Not rated yet! A happily married woman sees a psychoanalyst to cure her hiccups and develops doubts about her husband. Director:  Ernst Lubitsch Stars:  Merle Oberon, Melvyn Douglas, Burgess Meredith, Alan Mowbray, Olive Blakeney, Harry Davenport, Sig Ruman, Eve Arden, Richard Carle, Mary Currier, Jean Fenwick, Bess Flowers, Rolfe Sedan, Gisela Werbisek Photos No images were imported for this movie. Storyline A happily married woman sees a psychoanalyst to cure her hiccups and develops doubts about her husband. Collections: ~Amazon Instant Video, ~TCMShop, 1940s,...

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Penny Serenade (1941) Starring Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Beulah Bondi, and Edgar Buchanan

Penny Serenade (1941) NR 119 min - Drama, Romance - 24 April 1941 Your rating: A light-hearted romantic drama starring Cary Grant & Irene Dunne as a couple who meet, fall in love, quarrel and reunite. While listening to a recording of "Penny Serenade", Julie Gardiner Adams (Irene Dunne) begins reflecting on her past. She recalls her impulsive marriage to newspaper reporter Roger Adams (Carey Grant), which begins on a deliriously happy note but turns out to be fraught with tragedy. Other songs remind her of their courtship, their marriage, their desire for a child, and the joys and sorrows...

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Strawberry Blonde (1941) Starring James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland, and Rita Hayworth

The Strawberry Blonde (1941) — 97 min - Comedy, Romance - 22 February 1941 Your rating: Biff Grimes is desperately in love with Virginia, but his best friend Hugo marries her and manipulates Biff into becoming involved in his somewhat nefarious businesses. Hugo appears to have stolen Biff's dreams, and Biff has to deal with the realization that having what he wants and wanting what another has can be very different things. Director:  Raoul Walsh Stars:  James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland, Rita Hayworth, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, George Tobias, Una O'Connor, George Reeves, Lucile Fairbanks, Herbert Anderson, Frank Mayo, Susan...

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