GRADE yourself five points for every one you guess right. If you get sixty or less, you don’t keep up with Hollywood. If your score is eighty, you’re doing quite well; and if you have a score of one hundred, you know as much as PHOTOPLAY magazine.


Part I

  1. Laurence Olivier
  2. Dennis O’Keefe, Clark Gable
  3. Grace Moore
  4. Binnie Barnes
  5. George Brent
  6. Jack Holt, Noah Beery
  7. Franchot Tone
  8. Madeleine Carroll
  9. Gary Cooper, Myrna Loy
  10. Loretta Young


Part II

  1. Betty Grable
  2. Cary Grant
  3. Ferike Boros
  4. Mack Sennett
  5.  Errol Flynn
  6. Ronald Reagan
  7. Laurence Olivier
  8. Gloria Dickson
  9. Margaret Sullavan
  10. Bette Davis
  11. Terry Kilburn
  12. Don Ameche
  13. Basil Rathbone to Ouida Bergere; Gloria Stuart to Arthur Sheekman
  14. Carvel
  15. Constance Bennett, Joan Blondell