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Here are Our Thoughts on What To Watch on TCM This Week - July 9 2017 

The mood struck and we are changing over this week to the movies we think you should watch this week on Turner Classic Movies. So instead of a rehash of the programming guide and newsletter, we will pick the movies that you shouldn't miss.


Poster for the movie "The Women"

© 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) − All right reserved.

The Women (1939) 6:00 am ET - EARLY BIRD ALERT

Wealthy Mary Haines is unaware her husband is having an affair with shop girl Crystal Allen. Sylvia Fowler and Edith Potter discover this from a manicurist and arrange for Mary to hear the gossip. On the train taking her to a Reno divorce Mary meets the Countess and Miriam (in an affair with Fowler's husband). While they are at Lucy's dude ranch, Fowler arrives for her own divorce and the Countess meets fifth husband-to-be Buck. Back in New York, Mary's ex is now unhappily married to Crystal who is already in an affair with Buck.

Director:  George Cukor

Stars:  Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Mary Boland, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine

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You will love to hate Joan Crawford's character. Rosalind Russell's character is just catty and mean.




TCM is showing a lot of silent movies during the daytime hours because of their birthday salute to John Gilbert. While we haven't seen any of the movies scheduled we will be watching and paying attention to the two which also star Greta Garbo.


A Woman of AffairsA Woman of Affairs (1928) 7:45 am ET

When two childhood sweethearts are kept from marrying, misery ensues.

Director: Clarence Brown

Stars: Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lewis Stone






Poster for the movie "Flesh and the Devil"

© 1926 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) − All right reserved.

Flesh and The Devil (1926) 6:00 pm ET

Leo and Ulrich are life long friends. Home, on leave from their military training, Leo sees the beautiful Felicitas at the railroad station. Awed by her beauty, they meet again at the ball and quietly leave together. In her room, her husband, about whom she has neglected to inform Leo, comes in and challenges Leo to a duel. The duel is done, the Count is killed, and Felicitas is a widow. Leo, however, is 'requested' to serve 5 years in Africa and he tells Ulrich to watch over Felicitas while he is gone. After 3 years, Ulrich is able to get a pardon for Leo, and all that Leo thinks about on the way home is Felicitas. When he arrives, he learns that Felicitas has married Ulrich. Leo tries to stay away from her, but Felicitas uses every opportunity to tempt him to return to her as her lover. She creating a deadly triangle with the two life long friends.

Director: Clarence Brown

Stars: John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson

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Monday night's theme is Mid Century Modern (architecture) and the perfect example for that is the house in South Dakota in our Night Owl Alert.
Poster for the movie "North by Northwest"

© 1959 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) − All right reserved.

North by Northwest (1959) 3:30 am ET (Tuesday)

Advertising man Roger Thornhill is mistaken for a spy, triggering a deadly cross-country chase.

Director:  Alfred Hitchcock

Stars:  Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Martin Landau

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Today is dedicated to two great women. Doris Day for the daytime theme and Ava Gardner for the prime time theme.

Our Doris Day choices are related movies. They are not being shown in order so if you are DVRing both, watch On Moonlight Bay first.


By the Light of The Silvery MoonBy The Light of the Silvery Moon ( 1953) - 6:00 am ET  Early Bird Alert

Marjorie Winfield's engagement to Bill Sherman, who has just arrived home from fighting in World War I, serves as the backdrop for the trials and tribulations of her family.

Director: David Butler

Stars: Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Leon Ames






On Moonlight Bay (1951) 10:00 am ET

During World War I, a teenage girl begins a romance with a college student, but his unconventional attitudes cause friction with her father.

Director: Roy Del Ruth

Stars: Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Jack Smith






We aren't big Ava Gardner fans however we are Clark Gable or Grace Kelly fans so our choice is Mogambo (1953) even though we like Red Dust (1932) better (also starring Gable).


Poster for the movie "Mogambo"

© 1953 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) − All right reserved.

Mogambo (1953) 3:00 am ET (Wednesday) Night Owl Alert

Victor Marswell runs a big game trapping company in Kenya. Eloise Kelly is ditched there, and an immediate attraction happens between them. Then Mr. and Mrs. Nordley show up for their gorilla documenting safari. Mrs. Nordley is not infatuated with her husband any more, and takes a liking to Marswell. The two men and two women have some difficulty arranging these emotions to their mutual satisfaction, but eventually succeed.

Director:  John Ford
Stars:  Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly



Wednesday and Friday nights are our favorite nights this month because of the TCM Spotlight on 50 years of Hitchcock. The DVR is working overtime. We are taking the free online class and hope you are too. It's great fun and learning a lot.

We recommend all of them because it's Hitchcock. The movies we haven't seen but are looking forward to watching are Foreign Correspondent (1940) and Mrs & Mr Smith (1941).

If you can only watch one, we recommend:

Poster for the movie "Suspicion"

© 1941 RKO Radio Pictures − All right reserved.

Suspicion (1941) - 2:30 am ET  (Thursday) NIGHT OWL ALERT

Wealthy, sheltered Joan Fontaine is swept off her feet by charming ne'er-do-well Cary Grant. Though warned that Grant is little more than a fortune-hunter, Fontaine marries him anyway. She remains loyal to her irresponsible husband as he plows his way from one disreputable business scheme to another. Gradually, Fontaine comes to the conclusion that Grant intends to do away with her in order to collect her inheritance...a suspicion confirmed when Grant's likeable business partner Nigel Bruce dies under mysterious circumstances. To his dying day, Hitchcock insisted that he wanted to retain the novelist Francis Iles' original ending, but that the RKO executives intervened. Fontaine won an Academy Award for her work.

Director:  Alfred Hitchcock

Stars:  Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine

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Thursday nights in July are dedicated to Star of the Month Ronald Colman. Tonight there are three of his movies that are premiering on TCM: Clive of India (1935), The Light That Failed (1939) and The Man Who Broke The Bank at Monte Carlo (1935).

The movie that we have heard great things about and are looking forward to watching is:

Poster for the movie "Lost Horizon"

© 1937 Columbia Pictures Corporation − All right reserved.

Lost Horizon (1937) 8 pm ET

British diplomat Robert Conway and a small group of civilians crash land in the Himalayas, and are rescued by the people of the mysterious, Eden-like valley of Shangri-la. Protected by the mountains from the world outside, where the clouds of World War II are gathering, Shangri-la provides a seductive escape for the world-weary Conway.

Director:  Frank Capra

Stars:  Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Edward Everett Horton

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The second night this week of Hitchcock is great! We have seen all of them but The Paradine Case (1947). Of the ones we have seen; Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Lifeboat (1944), Spellbound (1945) and Notorious (1946) and if you can only watch one we would recommend:


Notorious Starring Cary Grant and Ingrid BergmanNotorious (1946) 2:15 am ET (Saturday) NIGHT OWL ALERT

Released shortly after the war, this classic Hitchcock film illustrates the battle between German Nazis and American spies in Rio de Janeiro. A woman is asked to spy on a group of Nazi friends in South America. How far will she have to go to ingratiate herself with them? 


Director:  Alfred Hitchcock

Stars:  Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains

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Read our article on Claude Rains' character Alexander Sebastian here.





The prime time theme is Romance On and Off the Screen showing films of great Hollywood couples. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in Woman of the Year (1942); Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (1941); and Steve MacQueen and Ali McGraw in the Getaway (1972). Of the three, our pick is:


Poster for the movie "To Have and Have Not"

© 1944 Warner Bros. − All right reserved.

To Have and Have Not (1941) 10:15 pm ET

A Martinique charter boat skipper gets mixed up with the underground French resistance operatives during WWII.

Director:  Howard Hawks

Stars:  Humphrey Bogart, Walter Brennan, Lauren Bacall

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Download the complete TCM movie schedule for July here. USA| Canada

Ignore the banner at the top. The schedule is for July



We are getting closer to August 1st and our second favorite time of the year on TCM, Summer Under the Stars. If you haven't downloaded the schedule, you can do so here. It kicks off with Marilyn Monroe and concludes with Elizabeth Taylor with lots of great stars in between.


See you next week! Happy Watching.










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