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Show your classic Hollywood trivia chops by answering the questions below. Try not to use the internet to find your answers.

These questions and answers came from the September 1939 issue of Photoplay magazine. We hope to make this a regular feature. If you like this type of trivia let us now in the comments below.


Classic Hollywood Trivia: How Well Do You Know Hollywood? Part II


  1. She started in pictures when she was only thirteen—in Eddie Cantor's "Whoopee"—but her recent roles have been almost all leads in college pictures:

Betty Grable      Mary Healy

Anne Shirley      Nan Grey


  1. He's a leading romantic actor now, but he was once a stilt walker:

Robert Young      Ronald Colman

Tyrone Power     Cary Grant


  1. A standout bit role, as the landlady in "Love Affair," brought her a term contract at RKO:

Maria Ouspenskaya      Ferike Boros

Joan Perry                     Mary Boland


  1. This producer was known in his hey-day as the King of Slapstick:

Mack Sennett      Carl Laemmle

D. W. Griffith       Charles Chaplin


  1. His next starring picture will be the remake of "The Sea Hawk":

George Raft    Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Errol Flynn      Walter Pidgeon


  1. He was formerly a radio announcer:

James Stewart      Joel McCrea

William Powell     Ronald Reagan


  1. He is Scarlett O'Hara's real-life romance:

Laurence Olivier      Richard Greene

George Brent           Robert Cummings


  1. This star, who is now married to Perc Westmore, was discovered in a WPA theater:

Marjorie Weaver      Gloria Dickson

Arleen Whelan         Andrea Leeds


  1. She was voted the No. 1 film favorite for 1938 by British fans:

Shirley Temple         Sonja Henie

Margaret Sullavan   Madeleine Carroll


  1. She is president of the Tailwaggers Association, an organization for the protection of dogs:

Irene Dunne              Bette Davis

Barbara Stanwyck    Virginia Bruce


  1. He won immediate film success in his first role in "Lord Jeff":

Mickey Rooney   Frankie Thomas

Terry Kilburn       Larry Simms


  1. Before he became a motion picture star, he was a big success in radio:

Warren William      Don Ameche

Fred MacMurray    Gary Cooper


  1. Two of these stars are married to well-known writers:

Basil Rathbone      Humphrey Bogart

Gloria Stuart         Claudette Colbert


  1. The home town of the Hardys in the Judge Hardy series is:

Kokomo     Medford

Mayville     Carvel


  1. The fathers of two of these stars were famous stage actors:

Robert Taylor                Joan Blondell

Constance Bennett      Alan Curtis


You can find the answers to the questions here.


Let us know how you did.

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