This category did not exist prior to 1936

Bold indicates winner


1936 (9th)

Beulah Bondi — The Gorgeous Hussy {“Rachel Jackson”}

Alice Brady — My Man Godfrey {“Angelica Bullock”}

Bonita Granville — These Three {“Mary Tilford”}

Maria Ouspenskaya – Dodsworth {“Baroness von Obersdorf”}

Gale SondergaardAnthony Adverse {“Faith Paleologue”}


1937 (10th)

Alice BradyIn Old Chicago {“Molly O’Leary”}

Andrea Leeds — Stage Door {“Kaye Hamilton”}

Anne Shirley — Stella Dallas {“Laurel Dallas”}

Claire TrevorDead End {“Francie”}

Dame May Whitty — Night Must Fall {“Mrs. Bramson”}


1938 (11th)

Fay BainterJezebel {“Aunt Belle Massey”}

Beulah Bondi — Of Human Hearts {“Mary Wilkins”}

Billie Burke — Merrily We Live {“Mrs. Emily Kilbourne”}

Spring Byington — You Can’t Take It with You {“Penny Sycamore”}

Miliza Korjus — The Great Waltz {“Carla Donner”}


1939 (12th)

Olivia de HavillandGone with the Wind {“Melanie Hamilton”}

Geraldine Fitzgerald — Wuthering Heights {“Isabella”}

Hattie McDanielGone with the Wind {“Mammy”}

Edna May Oliver — Drums along the Mohawk {“Sarah McKlennar”}

Maria Ouspenskaya — Love Affair {“Grandmother, Mme. Marnay”}


1940 (13th)

Judith Anderson – Rebecca {“Mrs. Danvers”}

Jane DarwellThe Grapes of Wrath {“Ma Joad”}

Ruth Hussey — The Philadelphia Story {“Liz Imbrie”}

Barbara O’Neil — All This, and Heaven Too {“Duchesse de Praslin”}

Marjorie Rambeau — Primrose Path {“Mamie Adams”}


1941 (14th)

Sara Allgood — How Green Was My Valley {“Mrs. Morgan”}

Mary AstorThe Great Lie {“Sandra Kovak”}

Patricia Collinge — The Little Foxes {“Birdie Hubbard”}

Teresa Wright — The Little Foxes {“Alexandra Giddens”}

Margaret Wycherly — Sergeant York {“Mother York”}


1942 (15th)

Gladys Cooper — Now, Voyager {“Mrs. Vale”}

Agnes MooreheadThe Magnificent Ambersons {“Fanny Minafer”}

Susan Peters — Random Harvest {“Kitty”}

Dame May Whitty — Mrs. Miniver {“Lady Beldon”}

Teresa WrightMrs. Miniver {“Carol Beldon”}


1943 (16th)

Gladys CooperThe Song of Bernadette {“Sister Vauzous”}

Paulette Goddard — So Proudly We Hail! {“Lieutenant Joan O’Doul”}

Katina PaxinouFor Whom the Bell Tolls {“Pilar”}

Anne Revere — The Song of Bernadette {“Louise Soubirous”}

Lucile Watson — Watch on the Rhine {“Fanny Farrelly”}



1944 (17th)

Ethel Barrymore — None but the Lonely Heart {“Ma Mott”}

Jennifer Jones — Since You Went Away {“Jane Hilton”}

Angela LansburyGaslight {“Nancy Oliver”}

Aline MacMahon — Dragon Seed {“Ling’s Wife”}

Agnes MooreheadMrs. Parkington {“Aspacia Conti”}


1945 (18th)

Eve Arden — Mildred Pierce {“Ida”}

Ann Blyth — Mildred Pierce {“Veda Pierce”}

Angela LansburyThe Picture of Dorian Gray {“Sibyl Vane”}

Joan Lorring — The Corn Is Green {“Bessie Watty”}

Anne RevereNational Velvet {“Mrs. Brown”}


1946 (19th)

Ethel Barrymore — The Spiral Staircase {“Mrs. Warren”}

Anne BaxterThe Razor’s Edge {“Sophie MacDonald”}

Lillian Gish — Duel in the Sun {“Belle McCanles”}

Flora Robson — Saratoga Trunk {“Angelique Buiton”}

Gale Sondergaard — Anna and the King of Siam {“Lady Thiang”}


1947 (20th)

Ethel Barrymore — The Paradine Case {“Lady Sophie Horfield”}

Gloria GrahameCrossfire {“Ginny Tremaine”}

Celeste HolmGentleman’s Agreement {“Anne”}

Marjorie Main — The Egg and I {“Ma Kettle”}

Anne Revere — Gentleman’s Agreement {“Mrs. Green”}



1948 (21st)

Barbara Bel Geddes — I Remember Mama {“Katrin”}

Ellen Corby — I Remember Mama {“Aunt Trina”}

Agnes MooreheadJohnny Belinda {“Aggie McDonald”}

Jean Simmons – Hamlet {“Ophelia”}

Claire TrevorKey Largo {“Gaye”}


1949 (22nd)

Ethel Barrymore – Pinky {“Miss Em”}

Celeste Holm — Come to the Stable {“Sister Scholastica”}

Elsa Lanchester — Come to the Stable {“Miss Potts”}

Mercedes McCambridgeAll the King’s Men {“Sadie Burke”}

Ethel Waters – Pinky {“Granny”}