Actors: Akim Tamiroff

Dragon Seed (1944) Starring Katharine Hepburn, Walter Huston, and Aline MacMahon

Dragon Seed (1944) — 145 min - Drama - 20 July 1944 Your rating: Not rated yet! As the Second Sino-Japanese War erupts in 1937 with the Japanese invasion of northern China, the rural Tan family in southern China go about their daily chores without notice of the impending conflict. Jade (Katharine Hepburn), wife of Lao Er Tan (Turhan Bey), desires books, an unconventional request for a Chinese wife. But when war finally reaches the family, Jade is first to join the resistance, leading pacifist patriarch Ling Tan (Walter Huston) to concern over his family's entry in the war. Director: ...

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Anastasia (1956) Starring Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, and Helen Hayes

Anastasia (1956) — 105 min - Drama, Comedy, Romance - 13 December 1956 Your rating: Not rated yet! Russian exiles in Paris plot to collect ten million pounds from the Bank of England by grooming a destitute, suicidal girl to pose as heir to the Russian throne. While Bounin is coaching her he comes to believe she is really Anastasia. In the end the Empress must decide her claim. Director:  Anatole Litvak Stars:  Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Helen Hayes, Akim Tamiroff, Martita Hunt, Felix Aylmer, Sacha Pitoëff, Ivan Desny, Natalie Schafer, Grégoire Gromoff, Karel Stepanek, Ina De La Haye Photos...

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For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) Starring Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman

For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) NR 170 min - Drama, History, Romance, Thriller - 12 July 1943 Your rating: Spain in the 1930s is the place to be for a man of action like Robert Jordan. There is a civil war going on and Jordan who has joined up on the side that appeals most to idealists of that era -- like Ernest Hemingway and his friends -- has been given a high-risk assignment up in the mountains. He awaits the right time to blow up a bridge in a cave. Director:  Sam Wood Stars:  Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman,...

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Buccaneer, The (1938) Starring Fredric March, Franziska Gaal, and Akim Tamiroff

The Buccaneer (1938) — 126 min - Adventure, Drama, Action, History, Romance - 4 February 1938 Your rating: Cecil B. DeMille's historical-based swashbuckler stars Fredric March in the title role of French pirate captain Jean Lafitte, who comes to the aid of general Andrew Jackson (Hugh Sothern) in defending the city of New Orleans from British invaders during the War of 1812. Director:  Cecil B. DeMille Stars:  Fredric March, Franziska Gaal, Akim Tamiroff, Margot Grahame, Walter Brennan, Ian Keith, Anthony Quinn, Douglass Dumbrille, Beulah Bondi Photos No images were imported for this movie. Storyline Cecil B. DeMille's historical-based swashbuckler stars...

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Five Graves to Cairo (1942) Starring Franchot Tone and Anne Baxter

Five Graves to Cairo (1943) — 96 min - Thriller, War - 3 May 1943 Your rating: The British Army, retreating ahead of victorious Rommel, leaves a lone survivor on the Egyptian border who finds refuge at a remote desert hotel. He is helped by the hotel's owner, despite protest from the French chambermaid, afraid of the imminent arrival of Rommel and the Germans. John assumes the identity of the recently deceased waiter to survive. Director:  Billy Wilder Stars:  Franchot Tone, Anne Baxter, Akim Tamiroff, Erich von Stroheim, Peter van Eyck, Fortunio Bonanova, Philip Ahlm, Roger Creed, Hans Moebus, Leslie...

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