1980 (53rd)

Judd Hirsch — Ordinary People {“Dr. Berger”}

Timothy HuttonOrdinary People {“Conrad Jarrett”}

Michael O’Keefe — The Great Santini {“Ben Meechum”}

Joe Pesci — Raging Bull {“Joey LaMotta”}

Jason Robards — Melvin and Howard {“Howard Hughes”}


1981 (54th)

James Coco — Only When I Laugh {“Jimmy Perry”}

John Gielgud – Arthur {“Hobson”}

Ian Holm — Chariots of Fire {“Sam Mussabini”}

Jack Nicholson – Reds {“Eugene O’Neill”}

Howard E. Rollins, Jr. – Ragtime {“Coalhouse Walker, Jr.”}


1982 (55th)

Charles Durning — The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas {“The Governor”}

Louis Gossett, Jr. — An Officer and a Gentleman {“Sgt. Emil Foley”}

John Lithgow — The World According to Garp {“Roberta Muldoon”}

James MasonThe Verdict {“Edward Concannon”}

Robert Preston — Victor/Victoria {“Toddy”}


1983 (56th)

Charles Durning — To Be or Not to Be {“Col. Erhardt”}

John Lithgow — Terms of Endearment {“Sam Burns”}

Jack NicholsonTerms of Endearment {“Garrett Breedlove”}

Sam Shepard — The Right Stuff {“Chuck Yeager”}

Rip Torn — Cross Creek {“Marsh Turner”}



1984 (57th)

Adolph Caesar — A Soldier’s Story {“Sgt. Waters”}

John Malkovich — Places in the Heart {“Mr. Will”}

Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita — The Karate Kid {“Miyagi”}

Haing S. Ngor — The Killing Fields {“Dith Pran”}

Ralph Richardson — Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes {“The Sixth Earl of Greystoke”}


1985 (58th)

Don Ameche – Cocoon {“Art Selwyn”}

Klaus Maria Brandauer — Out of Africa {“Bror”}

William Hickey — Prizzi’s Honor {“Don Corrado Prizzi”}

Robert Loggia — Jagged Edge {“Sam Ransom”}

Eric Roberts — Runaway Train {“Buck”}


1986 (59th)

Tom Berenger – Platoon {“Sgt. Barnes”}

Michael Caine — Hannah and Her Sisters {“Elliot”}

Willem Dafoe – Platoon {“Sgt. Elias”}

Denholm Elliott — A Room with a View {“Mr. Emerson”}

Dennis Hopper – Hoosiers {“Shooter”}


1987 (60th)

Albert Brooks — Broadcast News {“Aaron Altman”}

Sean Connery — The Untouchables {“Jim Malone”}

Morgan Freeman — Street Smart {“Fast Black”}

Vincent Gardenia – Moonstruck {“Cosmo Castorini”}

Denzel Washington — Cry Freedom {“Steve Biko”}