1940 (13th)

 Albert Basserman — Foreign Correspondent {“Van Meer”}

Walter Brennan — The Westerner {“Judge Roy Bean”}

William Gargan — They Knew What They Wanted {“Joe, the Foreman”}

Jack Oakie — The Great Dictator {“Napaloni, Dictator of Bacteria”}

James Stephenson — The Letter {“Howard Joyce”}


1941 (14th)

 Walter BrennanSergeant York {“Pastor Posier Pile”}

Charles Coburn — The Devil and Miss Jones {“John P. Merrick”}

Donald CrispHow Green Was My Valley {“Mr. Morgan”}

James Gleason — Here Comes Mr. Jordan {“Max Corkle”}

Sydney Greenstreet — The Maltese Falcon {“Kaspar Gutman”}


1942 (15th)

William Bendix — Wake Island {“Smacksie Randall”}

Van Heflin — Johnny Eager {“Jeff Hartnett”}

Walter HustonYankee Doodle Dandy {“Jerry Cohan”}

Frank Morgan — Tortilla Flat {“The Pirate”}

Henry Travers — Mrs. Miniver {“Mr. Ballard”}


1943 (16th)

Charles Bickford — The Song of Bernadette {“Dean Peyramale”}

Charles CoburnThe More the Merrier {“Benjamin Dingle”}

J. Carrol Naish – Sahara {“Giuseppe”}

Claude RainsCasablanca {“Captain Louis Renault”}

Akim Tamiroff — For Whom the Bell Tolls {“Pablo”}



1944 (17th)

Hume Cronyn — The Seventh Cross {“Paul Roeder”}

Barry FitzgeraldGoing My Way {“Father Fitzgibbon”}

Claude RainsMr. Skeffington {“Job Skeffington”}

Clifton WebbLaura {“Waldo Lydecker”}

Monty Woolley — Since You Went Away {“Colonel Smollett”}


1945 (18th)

 Michael Chekhov – Spellbound {“Dr. Alex Brulov”}

John Dall — The Corn Is Green {“Morgan Evans”}

James Dunn — A Tree Grows in Brooklyn {“Johnny Nolan”}

Robert Mitchum — G. I. Joe {“Lieutenant Walker”}

J. Carrol Naish — A Medal for Benny {“Charlie Martini”}


1946 (19th)

Charles Coburn — The Green Years {“Alexander Gow”}

William Demarest — The Jolson Story {“Steve Martin”}

Claude RainsNotorious {“Alexander Sebastian“}

Harold RussellThe Best Years of Our Lives {“Homer Parrish”}

Clifton Webb — The Razor’s Edge {“Elliott Templeton”}


1947 (20th)

Charles Bickford — The Farmer’s Daughter {“Clancy”}

Thomas Gomez — Ride the Pink Horse {“Pancho”}

Edmund GwennMiracle on 34th Street {“Kris Kringle”}

Robert Ryan – Crossfire {“Montgomery”}

Richard Widmark — Kiss of Death {“Tommy Udo”}



1948 (21st)

Charles Bickford — Johnny Belinda {“Black McDonald”}

José FerrerJoan of Arc {“The Dauphin, Charles VIII”}

Oscar Homolka — I Remember Mama {“Uncle Chris”}

Walter HustonThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre {“Howard”}

Cecil Kellaway — The Luck of the Irish {“Horace”}


1949 (22nd)

John Ireland — All the King’s Men {“Jack Burden”}

Dean JaggerTwelve O’Clock High {“Major Stovall”}

Arthur Kennedy – Champion {“Connie Kelly”}

Ralph Richardson — The Heiress {“Dr. Austin Sloper”}

James Whitmore – Battleground {“Kinnie”}


1950 (23rd)

Jeff Chandler — Broken Arrow {“Cochise”}

Edmund Gwenn — Mister 880 {“Skipper Miller”}

Sam Jaffe — The Asphalt Jungle {“Dr. Erwin Riedenschneider”}

George SandersAll about Eve {“Addison De Witt”}

Erich von Stroheim — Sunset Blvd. {“Max Von Mayerling”}


1951 (24th)

Leo Genn — Quo Vadis {“Petronius”}

Kevin McCarthy — Death of a Salesman {“Biff Loman”}

Karl MaldenA Streetcar Named Desire {“Mitch”}

Peter Ustinov — Quo Vadis {“Nero”}

Gig Young — Come Fill the Cup {“Boyd Copeland”}



1952 (25th)

Richard Burton — My Cousin Rachel {“Philip Ashley”}

Arthur Hunnicutt — The Big Sky {“Zeb Callaway”}

Victor McLaglen — The Quiet Man {“Red Will Danaher”}

Jack Palance — Sudden Fear {“Lester Blaine”}

Anthony QuinnViva Zapata! {“Eufemio Zapata”}


1953 (26th)

Eddie Albert — Roman Holiday {“Irving Radovich”}

Brandon De Wilde – Shane {“Joey Starrett”}

Jack Palance – Shane {“Wilson”}

Frank SinatraFrom Here to Eternity {“Angelo Maggio”}

Robert Strauss — Stalag 17 {“Stosh/’Animal'”}


1954 (27th)

Lee J. Cobb — On the Waterfront {“Johnny Friendly”}

Karl Malden — On the Waterfront {“Father Barry”}

Edmond O’BrienThe Barefoot Contessa {“Oscar Muldoon”}

Rod Steiger — On the Waterfront {“Charles Malloy”}

Tom Tully — The Caine Mutiny {“Captain DeVriess”}


1955 (28th)

Arthur Kennedy – Trial {“Barney Castle”}

Jack LemmonMister Roberts {“Ensign Pulver”}

Joe Mantell – Marty {“Angie”}

Sal Mineo — Rebel without a Cause {“Plato”}

Arthur O’Connell – Picnic {“Howard Bevans”}



1956 (29th)

Don Murray — Bus Stop {“Bo”}

Anthony PerkinsFriendly Persuasion {“Josh Birdwell”}

Anthony QuinnLust for Life {“Paul Gauguin”}

Mickey Rooney — The Bold and the Brave {“Dooley”}

Robert Stack — Written on the Wind {“Kyle Hadley”}


1957 (30th)

Red Buttons – Sayonara {“Joe Kelly”}

Vittorio De Sica — A Farewell to Arms {“Major Alessandro Rinaldi”}

Sessue Hayakawa — The Bridge on the River Kwai {“Saito”}

Arthur Kennedy — Peyton Place {“Lucas Cross”}

Russ Tamblyn — Peyton Place {“Norman Page”}


1958 (31st)

Theodore Bikel — The Defiant Ones {“Sheriff Max Muller”}

Lee J. Cobb — The Brothers Karamazov {“Fyodor Karamazov”}

Burl IvesThe Big Country {“Rufus Hannassey”}

Arthur Kennedy — Some Came Running {“Frank Hirsh”}

Gig Young — Teacher’s Pet {“Dr. Hugo Pine”}


1959 (32nd)

Hugh GriffithBen-Hur {“Sheik Ilderim”}

Arthur O’Connell — Anatomy of a Murder {“Parnell McCarthy”}

George C. Scott — Anatomy of a Murder {“Claude Dancer”}

Robert Vaughn — The Young Philadelphians {“Chester Gwynn”}

Ed Wynn — The Diary of Anne Frank {“Mr. Dussell”}



1960 (33rd)

Peter Falk — Murder, Inc. {“Abe Reles”}

Jack Kruschen — The Apartment {“Dr. Dreyfuss”}

Sal Mineo – Exodus {“Dov Landau”}

Peter UstinovSpartacus {“Batiatus”}

Chill Wills — The Alamo {“Beekeeper”}


1961 (34th)

George ChakirisWest Side Story {“Bernardo”}

Montgomery CliftJudgment at Nuremberg {“Rudolph Petersen”}

Peter Falk — Pocketful of Miracles {“Joy Boy”}

Jackie Gleason — The Hustler {“Minnesota Fats”}

George C. Scott — The Hustler {“Bert Gordon”}


1962 (35th)

Ed BegleySweet Bird of Youth {“Tom ‘Boss’ Finley”}

Victor Buono — What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? {“Edwin Flagg”}

Telly Savalas — Birdman of Alcatraz {“Feto Gomez”}

Omar Sharif — Lawrence of Arabia {“Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish”}

Terence Stamp — Billy Budd {“Billy Budd”}


1963 (36th)

 Nick Adams — Twilight of Honor {“Ben Brown”}

Bobby Darin — Captain Newman, M.D. {“Corp. Jim Tompkins”}

Melvyn DouglasHud {“Homer Bannon”}

Hugh Griffith — Tom Jones {“Squire Western”}

John Huston — The Cardinal {“Cardinal Glennon”}



1964 (37th)

John Gielgud – Becket {“King Louis VII of France”}

Stanley Holloway — My Fair Lady {“Alfred P. Doolittle”}

Edmond O’Brien — Seven Days in May {“Senator Raymond Clark”}

Lee Tracy — The Best Man {“Art Hockstader”}

Peter Ustinov – Topkapi {“Arthur Simpson”}


1965 (38th)

Martin BalsamA Thousand Clowns {“Arnold Burns”}

Ian Bannen — The Flight of the Phoenix {“Crow”}

Tom Courtenay — Doctor Zhivago {“Pasha Antipov/Strelnikoff”}

Michael Dunn — Ship of Fools {“Glocken”}

Frank Finlay – Othello {“Iago”}


1966 (39th)

Mako — The Sand Pebbles {“Po-Han”}

James MasonGeorgy Girl {“James Leamington”}

Walter Matthau — The Fortune Cookie {“Willie Gingrich”}

George Segal — Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? {“Nick”}

Robert Shaw — A Man for All Seasons {“King Henry VIII”}


1967 (40th)

John Cassavetes — The Dirty Dozen {“Victor Franko”}

Gene Hackman — Bonnie and Clyde {“Buck Barrow”}

Cecil Kellaway — Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner {“Monsignor Ryan”}

George Kennedy — Cool Hand Luke {“Dragline”}

Michael J. Pollard — Bonnie and Clyde {“C.W. Moss”}



1968 (41st)

Jack Albertson — The Subject Was Roses {“John Cleary”}

Seymour Cassel – Faces {“Chet”}

Daniel Massey — Star! {“Noel Coward”}

Jack Wild — Oliver! {“The Artful Dodger”}

Gene Wilder — The Producers {“Leo Bloom”}


1969 (42nd)

Rupert Crosse — The Reivers {“Ned McCaslin”}

Elliott Gould — Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice {“Ted Henderson”}

Jack Nicholson — Easy Rider {“George Hanson”}

Anthony Quayle — Anne of the Thousand Days {“Cardinal Wolsey”}

Gig Young — They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? {“Rocky”}


1970 (43rd)

Richard Castellano — Lovers and Other Strangers {“Frank Vecchio”}

Chief Dan George — Little Big Man {“Old Lodge Skins”}

Gene Hackman — I Never Sang for My Father {“Gene Garrison”}

John Marley — Love Story {“Phil Cavilleri”}

John Mills — Ryan’s Daughter {“Michael”}


1971 (44th)

Jeff Bridges — The Last Picture Show {“Duane Jackson”}

Leonard Frey — Fiddler on the Roof {“Motel”}

Richard Jaeckel — Sometimes a Great Notion {“Joe Ben Stamper”}

Ben Johnson — The Last Picture Show {“Sam the Lion”}

Roy Scheider — The French Connection {“Buddy Russo”}



1972 (45th)

Eddie Albert — The Heartbreak Kid {“Mr. Corcoran”}

James Caan — The Godfather {“Sonny Corleone”}

Robert Duvall — The Godfather {“Tom Hagen”}

Joel GreyCabaret {“The Master of Ceremonies”}

Al Pacino — The Godfather {“Michael Corleone”}


1973 (46th)

Vincent Gardenia — Bang the Drum Slowly {“Dutch Schnell”}

Jack Gilford — Save the Tiger {“Phil Greene”}

John Houseman — The Paper Chase {“Professor Kingsfield”}

Jason Miller — The Exorcist {“Father Damian Karras”}

Randy Quaid — The Last Detail {“Meadows”}


1974 (47th)

Fred Astaire — The Towering Inferno {“Harlee Claiborne”}

Jeff Bridges — Thunderbolt and Lightfoot {“Lightfoot”}

Robert De NiroThe Godfather Part II {“Vito Corleone”}

Michael V. Gazzo — The Godfather Part II {“Frankie Pentangeli”}

Lee Strasberg — The Godfather Part II {“Hyman Roth”}


1975 (48th)

George BurnsThe Sunshine Boys {“Al Lewis”}

Brad Dourif — One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest {“Billy Bibbit”}

Burgess Meredith — The Day of the Locust {“Harry”}

Chris Sarandon — Dog Day Afternoon {“Leon”}

Jack Warden – Shampoo {“Lester Carr”}


1976 (49th)

Ned Beatty – Network {“Arthur Jensen”}

Burgess MeredithRocky {“Mickey”}

Laurence Olivier — Marathon Man {“Szell”}

Jason RobardsAll the President’s Men {“Ben Bradlee”}

Burt Young – Rocky {“Paulie”}


1977 (50th)

Mikhail Baryshnikov — The Turning Point {“Yuri Kopeikine”}

Peter Firth – Equus {“Alan Strang”}

Alec Guinness — Star Wars {“Ben ‘Obi-Wan’ Kenobi”}

Jason Robards – Julia {“Dashiell Hammett”}

Maximilian Schell – Julia {“Johann”}


1978 (51st)

Bruce Dern — Coming Home {“Captain Bob Hyde”}

Richard Farnsworth — Comes a Horseman {“Dodger”}

John Hurt — Midnight Express {“Max”}

Christopher WalkenThe Deer Hunter {“Nick”}

Jack Warden — Heaven Can Wait {“Max Corkle”}


1979 (52nd)

Melvyn DouglasBeing There {“Benjamin Rand”}

Robert Duvall — Apocalypse Now {“Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore”}

Frederic Forrest — The Rose {“Dyer”}

Justin Henry — Kramer vs. Kramer {“Billy Kramer”}

Mickey Rooney — The Black Stallion {“Henry Dailey”}