1960 (33rd)

Trevor HowardSons and Lovers {“Morel”}
Burt Lancaster — Elmer Gantry {“Elmer Gantry”}
Jack LemmonThe Apartment {“C.C. ‘Bud’ Baxter”}
Laurence Olivier — The Entertainer {“Archie Rice”}
Spencer TracyInherit the Wind {“Henry Drummond”}


1961 (34th)

Charles BoyerFanny {“César”}
Paul Newman — The Hustler {“Eddie Felson”}
Maximilian SchellJudgment at Nuremberg {“Hans Rolfe”}
Spencer Tracy Judgment at Nuremberg {“Judge Dan Haywood”}
Stuart Whitman  — The Mark {“Jim Fuller”}


1962 (35th)

Burt LancasterBirdman of Alcatraz {“Robert Stroud”}
Jack LemmonDays of Wine and Roses {“Joe Clay”}
Marcello Mastroianni — Divorce–Italian Style {“Ferdinando Cefalu”}
Peter O’Toole — Lawrence of Arabia {“T.E. Lawrence”}
Gregory PeckTo Kill a Mockingbird {“Atticus Finch”}


1963 (36th)

Albert Finney — Tom Jones {“Tom Jones”}
Richard Harris — This Sporting Life {“Frank Machin”}
Rex Harrison — Cleopatra {“Julius Caesar”}
Paul Newman — Hud {“Hud Bannon”}
Sidney PoitierLilies of the Field {“Homer Smith”}

1964 (37th)

Richard Burton — Becket {“Thomas Becket”}
Rex HarrisonMy Fair Lady {“Professor Henry Higgins”}
Peter O’Toole — Becket {“King Henry II”}
Anthony Quinn — Zorba the Greek {“Alexis Zorba”}
Peter Sellers — Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb {“Group Captain Lionel Mandrake/President Muffley/Dr. Strangelove”}


1965 (38th)

Richard Burton — The Spy Who Came In from the Cold {“Alec Leamas”}
Lee Marvin — Cat Ballou {“Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn”}
Laurence Olivier — Othello {“Othello”}
Rod Steiger — The Pawnbroker {“Sol Nazerman”}
Oskar Werner — Ship of Fools {“Dr. Schumann”}


1966 (39th)

Alan Arkin — The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming {“Rozanov”}
Richard Burton — Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? {“George”}
Michael Caine — Alfie {“Alfie”}
Steve McQueen — The Sand Pebbles {“Jake Holman”}
Paul ScofieldA Man for All Seasons {“Sir Thomas More”}


1967 (40th)

Warren Beatty — Bonnie and Clyde {“Clyde Barrow”}
Dustin Hoffman — The Graduate {“Ben Braddock”}
Paul Newman — Cool Hand Luke {“Luke Jackson”}
Rod Steiger In the Heat of the Night {“Police Chief Bill Gillespie”}
Spencer TracyGuess Who’s Coming to Dinner {“Matt Drayton”}


1968 (41st)

Alan Arkin — The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter {“Singer”}
Alan Bates — The Fixer {“Yakov Bok”}
Ron Moody — Oliver! {“Fagin”}
Peter O’Toole — The Lion in Winter {“King Henry II”}
Cliff Robertson — Charly {“Charly Gordon”}

1969 (42nd)

Richard Burton — Anne of the Thousand Days {“King Henry VIII”}
Dustin Hoffman — Midnight Cowboy {“Ratso Rizzo”}
Peter O’Toole — Goodbye, Mr. Chips {“Arthur Chipping”}
Jon Voight — Midnight Cowboy {“Joe Buck”}
John Wayne  — True Grit {“Rooster Cogburn”}

1970 (43rd)
Melvyn DouglasI Never Sang for My Father {“Tom Garrison”}
James Earl Jones  — The Great White Hope {“Jack Jefferson”}
Jack Nicholson — Five Easy Pieces {“Robert Eroica Dupea”}
Ryan O’Neal — Love Story {“Oliver Barrett IV”}
George C. ScottPatton {“General George S. Patton, Jr.”} [NOTE: Mr. Scott refused the award.]


1971 (44th)

Peter Finch — Sunday Bloody Sunday {“Dr. Daniel Hirsh”}
Gene HackmanThe French Connection {“Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle”}
Walter Matthau — Kotch {“Joseph P. Kotcher”}
George C. Scott — The Hospital {“Dr. Herbert Bock”}
Topol — Fiddler on the Roof {“Tevye”}


1972 (45th)

Marlon Brando  — The Godfather {“Don Vito Corleone”} [NOTE: Mr. Brando refused the award.]
Michael Caine — Sleuth {“Milo Tindale”}
Laurence Olivier — Sleuth {“Andrew Wyke”}
Peter O’Toole — The Ruling Class {“Jack, 14th Earl of Gurney”}
Paul Winfield — Sounder {“Nathan Lee Morgan”}


1973 (46th)

Marlon Brando — Last Tango in Paris {“Paul”}
Jack LemmonSave the Tiger {“Harry Stoner”}
Jack Nicholson — The Last Detail {“Signalman First Class Buddusky”}
Al Pacino — Serpico {“Frank Serpico”}
Robert RedfordThe Sting {“Johnny Hooker”}


1974 (47th)

Art Carney — Harry and Tonto {“Harry”}
Albert Finney — Murder on the Orient Express {“Hercule Poirot”}
Dustin Hoffman — Lenny {“Lenny Bruce”}
Jack Nicholson — Chinatown {“J. J. Gittes”}
Al Pacino — The Godfather Part II {“Michael Corleone”}


1975 (48th)

Walter MatthauThe Sunshine Boys {“Willy Clark”}
Jack NicholsonOne Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest {“Randle Patrick McMurphy”}
Al Pacino — Dog Day Afternoon {“Sonny”}
Maximilian Schell — The Man in the Glass Booth {“Arthur Goldman”}
James Whitmore — Give ’em Hell, Harry! {“Harry S. Truman”}


1976 (49th)

Robert De Niro — Taxi Driver {“Travis Bickle”}
Peter FinchNetwork {“Howard Beale”}
Giancarlo Giannini — Seven Beauties {“Pasqualino Frafuso”}
William HoldenNetwork {“Max Schumacher”}
Sylvester Stallone — Rocky {“Rocky Balboa”}


1977 (50th)

Woody Allen — Annie Hall {“Alvy Singer”}
Richard Burton — Equus {“Dr. Martin Dysart”}
Richard DreyfussThe Goodbye Girl {“Elliot Garfield”}
Marcello Mastroianni  — A Special Day {“Gabriele”}
John Travolta — Saturday Night Fever {“Tony Manero”}


1978 (51st)

Warren Beatty — Heaven Can Wait {“Joe Pendleton (alias, Leo Farnsworth, Tom Jarrett)”}
Gary Busey — The Buddy Holly Story {“Buddy Holly”}
Robert De Niro — The Deer Hunter {“Michael”}
Laurence Olivier — The Boys from Brazil {“Ezra Lieberman”}
Jon Voight — Coming Home {“Luke Martin”}

1979 (52nd)

Dustin HoffmanKramer vs. Kramer {“Ted Kramer”}
Jack Lemmon  — The China Syndrome {“Jack Godell”}
Al Pacino — …And Justice for All {“Arthur Kirkland”}
Roy Scheider — All That Jazz {“Joe Gideon”}
Peter Sellers — Being There {“John Chance, the gardener (aka Chauncey Gardiner)”}