1940 (13th)

Charles Chaplin — The Great Dictator {“Hynkel, Dictator of Tomania”}
Henry Fonda — The Grapes of Wrath {“Tom Joad”}
Raymond Massey — Abe Lincoln in Illinois {“Abraham Lincoln”}
Laurence Olivier — Rebecca {“Maxim de Winter”}
James StewartThe Philadelphia Story {“Mike Connor”}


1941 (14th)

Gary CooperSergeant York {“Alvin C. York”}
Cary GrantPenny Serenade {“Roger Adams”}
Walter Huston — All That Money Can Buy {“Mr. Scratch”}
Robert MontgomeryHere Comes Mr. Jordan {“Joe Pendleton”}
Orson Welles — Citizen Kane {“Charles Foster Kane”}


1942 (15th)

James CagneyYankee Doodle Dandy {“George M. Cohan”}
Ronald ColmanRandom Harvest {“Charles Ranier”}
Gary Cooper —  The Pride of the Yankees {“Lou Gehrig”}
Walter PidgeonMrs. Miniver {“Clem Miniver”}
Monty Woolley — The Pied Piper {“Howard”}


1943 (16th)

Humphrey BogartCasablanca {“Rick Blane”}
Gary CooperFor Whom the Bell Tolls {“Robert Jordan”}
Paul LukasWatch on the Rhine {“Kurt Muller”}
Walter Pidgeon —  Madame Curie {“Pierre Curie”}
Mickey Rooney — The Human Comedy {“Homer Macauley”}


1944 (17th)

Charles BoyerGaslight {“Gregory Anton”}
Bing CrosbyGoing My Way {“Father O’Malley”}
Barry FitzgeraldGoing My Way {“Father Fitzgibbon”}
Cary Grant  — None but the Lonely Heart {“Ernie Mott”}
Alexander Knox — Wilson {“Woodrow Wilson”}


1945 (18th)

Bing Crosby — The Bells of St. Mary’s {“Father O’Malley”}
Gene Kelly — Anchors Aweigh {“Joseph Brady”}
Ray MillandThe Lost Weekend {“Don Birnam”}
Gregory Peck — The Keys of the Kingdom {“Father Francis Chisholm”}
Cornel Wilde — A Song to Remember {“Frederick Chopin”}


1946 (19th)

Fredric MarchThe Best Years of Our Lives {“Al Stephenson”}
Laurence Olivier — Henry V {“Henry V”}
Larry Parks — The Jolson Story {“Al Jolson”}
Gregory PeckThe Yearling {“Pa Baxter”}
James StewartIt’s a Wonderful Life {“George Bailey”}


1947 (20th)

Ronald ColmanA Double Life {“Anthony John”}
John Garfield — Body and Soul {“Charlie Davis”}
Gregory PeckGentleman’s Agreement {“Phil Green”}
William PowellLife with Father {“Clarence Day”}
Michael Redgrave — Mourning Becomes Electra {“Orin Mannon”}


1948 (21st)

Lew AyresJohnny Belinda {“Dr. Robert Richardson”}
Montgomery Clift — Search {“Ralph Stevenson”}
Dan Dailey — When My Baby Smiles at Me {“Skid”}
Laurence OlivierHamlet {“Hamlet”}
Clifton Webb — Sitting Pretty {“Lynn Belvedere”}


1949 (22nd)

Broderick Crawford — All the King’s Men {“Willie Stark”}
Kirk DouglasChampion {“Midge Kelly”}
Gregory Peck — Twelve O’Clock High {“General Savage”}
Richard Todd — The Hasty Heart {“Lachie”}
John WayneSands of Iwo Jima {“Sergeant John M. Stryker”}


1950 (23rd)

Louis Calhern — The Magnificent Yankee {“Oliver Wendell Holmes”}
José FerrerCyrano de Bergerac {“Cyrano de Bergerac”}
William HoldenSunset Blvd. {“Joe Gillis”}
James StewartHarvey {“Elwood P. Dowd”}
Spencer TracyFather of the Bride {“Stanley T. Banks”}


1951 (24th)

Humphrey BogartThe African Queen {“Charlie Allnut”}
Marlon Brando — A Streetcar Named Desire {“Stanley Kowalski”}
Montgomery CliftA Place in the Sun {“George Eastman”}
Arthur Kennedy — Bright Victory {“Larry Levins”}
Fredric March — Death of a Salesman {“Willy Loman”}


1952 (25th)

Marlon Brando — Viva Zapata! {“Emiliano Zapata”}
Gary Cooper High Noon {“Will Kane”}
Kirk Douglas — The Bad and the Beautiful {“Jonathan Shields”}
José Ferrer — Moulin Rouge {“Toulouse-Lautrec”}
Alec Guinness — The Lavender Hill Mob {“Holland”}


1953 (26th)

Marlon Brando — Julius Caesar {“Marc Antony”}
Richard BurtonThe Robe {“Marcellus Gallio”}
Montgomery CliftFrom Here to Eternity {“Robert E. Lee Prewitt”}
William Holden — Stalag 17 {“Sefton”}
Burt LancasterFrom Here to Eternity {“Sgt. Milton Warden”}


1954 (27th)

Humphrey BogartThe Caine Mutiny {“Captain Queeg”}
Marlon BrandoOn the Waterfront {“Terry Malloy”}
Bing Crosby — The Country Girl {“Frank Elgin”}
James MasonA Star Is Born {“Norman Maine/Alfred Hinkel”}
Dan O’Herlihy — Adventures of Robinson Crusoe {“Robinson Crusoe”}


1955 (28th)

Ernest BorgnineMarty {“Marty Pilletti”}
James Cagney — Love Me or Leave Me {“Martin Snyder”}
James Dean — East of Eden {“Cal Trask”}
Frank Sinatra — The Man with the Golden Arm {“Frankie”}
Spencer TracyBad Day at Black Rock {“John J. Macreedy”}


1956 (29th)

Yul BrynnerThe King and I {“The King”}
James Dean — Giant {“Jett Rink”}
Kirk DouglasLust for Life {“Vincent Van Gogh”}
Rock HudsonGiant {“Bick Benedict”}
Laurence Olivier — Richard III {“Richard III”}


1957 (30th)

Marlon Brando — Sayonara {“Major Lloyd Gruver”}
Anthony Franciosa — A Hatful of Rain {“Polo”}
Alec GuinnessThe Bridge on the River Kwai {“Colonel Nicholson”}
Charles Laughton — Witness for the Prosecution {“Sir Wilfrid Robarts”}
Anthony Quinn — Wild Is the Wind {“Gino”}


1958 (31st)

Tony Curtis — The Defiant Ones {“John ‘Joker’ Jackson”}
Paul Newman — Cat on a Hot Tin Roof {“Brick Pollitt”}
David NivenSeparate Tables {“Major Pollock”}
Sidney Poitier — The Defiant Ones {“Noah Cullen”}
Spencer Tracy — The Old Man and the Sea {“The Old Man”}


1959 (32nd)

Laurence Harvey — Room at the Top {“Joe Lampton”}
Charlton HestonBen-Hur {“Judah Ben-Hur”}
Jack LemmonSome Like It Hot {“Jerry/Daphne”}
Paul Muni — The Last Angry Man {“Dr. Sam Abelman”}
James StewartAnatomy of a Murder {“Paul Biegler”}