Bold indicates winner


1927/28 (1st)

Richard Barthelmess — The Noose {“Nickie Elkins”}; and The Patent Leather Kid {“The Patent Leather Kid”}
Emil Jannings  — The Last Command {“General Dolgorucki [Grand Duke Sergius Alexander]”};
and The Way of All Flesh {“August Schilling”}


To Charles Chaplin, for acting, writing, directing and producing The Circus.

[NOTE: “The Academy Board of Judges on merit awards for individual achievements in motion picture arts during the year ending August 1, 1928, unanimously decided that your name should be removed from the competitive classes, and that a special first award be conferred upon you for writing, acting, directing and producing The Circus. The collective accomplishments thus displayed place you in a class by yourself.” (Letter from the Academy to Mr. Chaplin, dated February 19, 1929.)]


George Bancroft — Thunderbolt {“Thunderbolt Jim Lang”}
Warner BaxterIn Old Arizona {“The Cisco Kid”}
Chester Morris  — Alibi {“No. 1065, Chick Williams”}
Paul Muni — The Valiant {“James Dyke”}
Lewis Stone — The Patriot {“Count Pahlen”}


1929/30 (3rd)

George Arliss — Disraeli {“Benjamin Disraeli”}
George Arliss — The Green Goddess {“Oxonian, the Rajah of Rukh”}
Wallace Beery — The Big House {“‘Machine Gun’ Butch Schmidt”}
Maurice Chevalier — The Big Pond {“Pierre Mirande”}; and The Love Parade {“Count Alfred Renard”}
Ronald Colman — Bulldog Drummond {“Hugh ‘Bulldog’ Drummond”}; and Condemned {“Michel”}
Lawrence Tibbett — The Rogue Song {“Yegor”}


1930/31 (4th)

Lionel BarrymoreA Free Soul {“Stephen Ashe”}
Jackie Cooper — Skippy {“Skippy Skinner”}
Richard Dix — Cimarron {“Yancey Cravat”}
Fredric March — The Royal Family of Broadway {“Tony Cavendish”}
Adolphe MenjouThe Front Page {“Walter Burns”}


1931/32 (5th) A tie.

Wallace BeeryThe Champ {“Champ”}
Alfred Lunt — The Guardsman {“The Actor”}
Fredric MarchDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde {“Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde”}


1932/33 (6th)

Leslie Howard — Berkeley Square {“Peter Standish”}
Charles LaughtonThe Private Life of Henry VIII {“Henry VIII”}
Paul Muni — I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang {“James Allen”}


1934 (7th)

Clark GableIt Happened One Night {“Peter Warne”}
Frank Morgan — The Affairs of Cellini {“Allesandro, Duke of Florence”}
William PowellThe Thin Man {“Nick Charles”}


1935 (8th)

Clark GableMutiny on the Bounty {“Fletcher Christian”}
Charles Laughton — Mutiny on the Bounty {“Captain Bligh”}
Victor McLaglenThe Informer {“Gypo Nolan”}
Paul Muni — Black Fury {“Joe Radek”}[NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL NOMINATION. Write-in candidate.]
Franchot ToneMutiny on the Bounty {“Roger Byam”}


1936 (9th)

Gary CooperMr. Deeds Goes to Town {“Longfellow Deeds”}
Walter Huston — Dodsworth {“Sam Dodsworth”}
Paul Muni — The Story of Louis Pasteur {“Louis Pasteur”}
William Powell  — My Man Godfrey {“Godfrey Parks”}
Spencer TracySan Francisco {“Father Tim Mullen”}


1937 (10th)

Charles BoyerConquest {“Napoleon Bonaparte”}
Fredric MarchA Star Is Born {“Norman Maine (Alfred Hinkel)”}
Robert Montgomery — Night Must Fall {“Danny”}
Paul Muni — The Life of Emile Zola {“Emile Zola”}
Spencer TracyCaptains Courageous {“Manuel”}


1938 (11th)

Charles BoyerAlgiers {“Pepe Le Moko”}
James Cagney — Angels with Dirty Faces {“Rocky Sullivan”}
Robert Donat — The Citadel {“Andrew Mason”}
Leslie HowardPygmalion {“Professor Henry Higgins”}
Spencer TracyBoys Town {“Father Flanagan”}


1939 (12th)

Robert DonatGoodbye, Mr. Chips {“Mr. Chips”}
Clark GableGone with the Wind {“Rhett Butler”}
Laurence Olivier — Wuthering Heights {“Heathcliff”}
Mickey Rooney — Babes in Arms {“Mickey Moran”}
James StewartMr. Smith Goes to Washington {“Jefferson Smith”}